This guide provides instruction for the basics plus additional e~Print features used in viewing your FRS financial reports on the web.  Please refer to the NCSA Basic e~Print Guide for the “bare bones” version of using e~Print.


1.         Log on using the e~Print Login screen:


User ID = FRS Operator Number (the 4-digit number used to access FRS                        Screens)


Password = Password used in conjunction with this Operator Number (this              password never changes)


Repository = FRS (Financial Records System)



2.                  System on-line help


Each system page has on-line help.  There is a link just below the title bar on each e~Print page.  This link will open a context-sensitive topic with information on that particular part of the system.


3.                  Once you log in, the FRS repository page will display.  This page lists the           different reports you have access to view.  The “Latest Date” indicates the last      time the report was run.



4.                  Select a report and “Drill Down” to view the different versions of that report.


5.                  The report detail page will appear, listing all existing version of that report         selected. The most recent report is always at the top of the list.   



6.                  Select the Magnifying Glass Icon to limit the report search to specific six digit   accounts.                                                                                                                                           


7.                  The Pick Pages Screen will appear.

This screen allows you to limit your report search to specific 6-digit account numbers under your authority.  e~Print uses FRS value-based security to display only those account numbers the user is authorized to view.







8.                  You have 3 options in limiting which account numbers you wish to view.


Provides a list of six digit accounts within your access, giving you the ability to click beside the accounts you wish to choose.  Once all accounts are selected click the “Get the Report” icon.



Key a single six-digit account for report retrieval.  The account number must include the hyphen.


Example of valid entry:  1-17017






·        Range:  Enter a range of accounts for account retrieval.



Example of valid entry:         1-00000 to 3-00000    or

                                                1             to 3               or

                                                1-10000 to 1-20000


















9.         The Selected Account Values screen will appear.

This screen confirms the 6-digit accounts you have selected for report     display.






10.       At this point, it is helpful to note that the e~Print product contains a         navigation bar.


            The navigation bar provides a shortcut to a specific system page.  It is more          efficient to use the navigation bar than to use the Back-Arrow button on your browser, since you can select a particular page when using the navigation bar         instead of using the browser back arrow to scroll back trough all the pages you             have visited.


Navigation Bar














11.              Select the PDF icon.



12.       The report will appear in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.



13.       Use the Adobe Acrobat Reader’s toolbar to navigate the report.


The most commonly used icons for viewing e~Print reports are described below:


                            Displays/hides the navigation pane, which lists the 6-digit                                   account number bookmarks.


                            Increases the report display size.


       Use these icons to move through the pages of the report.


               Increases/decreases the report display size.


                    Search/Search Again to find specific test in the report.


                            Prints report pages to your laser printer. (Use with caution!                                                        This button will print the total number of pages listed on the                                            toolbar at the bottom of the screen.) To avoid large printing                                                 errors, review the number of pages selected to print.




Also use the toolbar located along the bottom of Acrobat Reader’s window.


Previous                                   Change

page                                         Display

Set the “Change Display Layout” to continuous for a smoother page transition when scrolling through report pages.








Show/Hide                   last

Navigation                    page




14.       Returning to e~Print from the Acrobat Reader


            How you return to e~Print from the Acrobat Reader will differ slightly     depending on how your Acrobat Reader is configured.  (The Adobe Acrobat Reader can be configured to view within a browser or in a standalone mode).


Option 1 for returning to e~Print from the Acrobat Reader:

      If you see the back button of your browser in the active window, then you           Acrobat Reader is configured to run within the browser and you should follow   these steps.


      Click the Bowser Back Button.


      In Netscape your icon may look like this:            



      In Microsoft Explorer you icon may look like this:         



      Option 2 for returning to e~Print from the Acrobat Reader:


      If you do not see the back button of your browser in the active window, then your          Acrobat Reader is configured to run in a stand-alone mode and you should         follow these steps.


      Close the current browser window by clicking on the browser button in the top right corner of the screen.











15.       Logging out of e~Print.


            Click on “Logout” which is located at the top of each e~Print system page.


            You can also logout of the system by closing your browser.






            Remember…..  for the e~Print system you need:

                                    Current Web Browser: Version 4.0 or higher of Netscape or                                         Microsoft Internet Explorer

                                    Acrobat Reader:  Version 4.0 or higher


            Contact the e~Print system administrator at Extension 3263 for questions related to:


·        System Login

·        6-digit account access

·        Using Adobe Acrobat icons


Contact Information Systems for questions related to:


·        Upgrading software (browser or Acrobat Reader)

·        Printing difficulties

·        Insufficient display area.