Board of Visitors

UNCSA Board of Visitors is an active group of volunteers that assist the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor. Board of Visitors members serve as ambassadors from their communities to UNCSA and, in turn, inform their communities about UNCSA.


  • Robert M. Beseda
  • Amy R. Blumenthal*
  • Elizabeth E. Booke
  • Nicholas B. Bragg*
  • Patricia A. Brown*
  • Malcolm M. Brown*
  • Joseph M. Bryan*
  • George M. Burnette
  • Susan K. Conger
  • Nan V. Crawford
  • Frank A. Daniels*
  • Julia J. Daniels*
  • Martha S. De Laurentiis*
  • Phyllis H. Dunning
  • Erin E. Edge
  • Ashley Edwards
  • John M. Ehle*
  • Rosemary Harris Ehle*
  • James P. Elder*
  • Alexander C. Ewing*
  • John E. Fitzgerald
  • Joseph Frisina
  • Susana L. Gorstein
    Alumni Relations Committee Co-Chair
  • Nancy H. Gwyn
  • Deann S. Halper
  • Charlotte M. Hanes
  • Eldridge C. Hanes*
  • Sarah E. Harris
  • Peter S. Hedges
  • Susan L. Henderson
    Nominating Committee Chair
  • Clare S. Jordan
  • Thomas S. Kenan*
  • Mary Allen Martin
  • Tamara Michael
    Alumni Relations Committee Co-Chair
  • Gina A. Phillips
  • Michael Pulitzer*
  • Mattie M. Rhodes
  • Anne R. Rokahr
  • Selwa Roosevelt*
  • Anne W. Sessions
    Board of Visitors Chair
  • Beverly R. Shaw
  • Helen Simoneau
  • Jennifer B. Smith
  • Liana N. Thompson
    Advocacy Committee Co-Chair
  • W. H. Upchurch
  • Judith B. Watson
  • Katherine White
  • Greer Cawood
    Liasion to the Board of Trustees