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Jeff Morgan,Assistant Dean of the High School Academic Program (2007); Critical Perspectives Faculty, Undergraduate Academic Program (2007); Director of the High School Academic Program (2004); Assistant Dean of General Studies (2000); High School English Faculty (1997)

Jeff Morgan received his B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his M.A.Ed. from Wake Forest University. He received a UNCSA Excellence in Teaching Award in 2004; a Marcellus Waddell Excellence in Teaching Award (presented by Wake Forest University) in 2001; and a UNCSA Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1999. He was a Master Teacher Fellow at Wake Forest University from 1994-95.

Mr. Morgan has been vice chair of the UNCSA Faculty Council and UNCSA representative to the UNC Faculty Assembly in Chapel Hill since 2008. Since 2008, he has been vice chair of the Northwest (N.C.) Child Development Council, Inc., where he has served on the Board of Directors since 2006.