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Ellen Rosenberg, Humanities and Creative Writing (2002)

Ellen Rosenberg has been a faculty member in Humanities at UNCSA since 2002. She holds an M.A. in English from New York University; a Ph.D. in History and Theory of Criticism, Psychological and Biographical Approaches to Creativity, English and American Literatures from Indiana University; and an M.F.A. in Theatre History and Acting from the University of South Carolina.  Her doctoral dissertation – Crucible of the Imagination – is a psychobiographical study of creative process, a subject that continues to hold her research interest.  A seasoned college faculty member, she specializes in theatre and intellectual history, creative writing, and gender, ethnic and contextual approaches to literature.

The courses she has taught at UNCSA are the year-long comprehensive Theatre History sequence; the year-long Foundations of Western Thought sequence; Wicked Women in Theatre and Literature; American Theatre Women; Jewish-American Theatre; Richard III; Native American Performatives; Creativity and the Artist; The American Cowboy in Literature and Film; Rebels and Reactionaries: A Literary Approach to Arts and Politics; The American Girl.

She also teaches writing workshops in playwriting, writing the one-person show, writing for the stage, and creative non-fiction, fiction and poetry. She has taught independent studies on Bollywood/Hollywood and the literature of Maryology.   She offers workshops to educational, community and theatre professional groups on ritual in theatre.

Her theatre training is in classical stage, physical theatre and improvisation. A member of Actors Equity Association, she has Off-Broadway performance experience; artist-in-residence experience with at-risk and gifted students in the New York City schools; directorial experience with professional youth and adult groups.

She is a publishing scholar, poet and playwright. From 2004 to 2009, she was Project Director of The Kenan Writers’ Encounters, a visiting writers’ series she developed that was co-hosted by the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts and Undergraduate Academic Program at UNCSA.  The series brought such renowned authors as U.S. Poet Laureate  W.S. Merwin,  Angela Davis, Sherman Alexie, Carol Gilligan, Eve Ensler, Brian Greene, Stanley Crouch, Liz Lerman, Terry Tempest Williams and Herb Parker, whose visits have enriched the development of students and faculty and UNCSA’s collateral communities.  She served as chair of Faculty Council from September 2008 to June 2011.