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Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Core Values


2014-2019 Strategic Planning Initiative

Strategic Planning Timeline

Meeting Summaries

Initial Planning Guidance and Input Templates

Draft revised vision, core values, goals and mission

Summaries of Unit and Campus Priorities

Draft strategic plan (TBA)

Strategic Planning Steering Committee Members





The University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) is rapidly approaching the 50th anniversary of the opening of the school in 1965.  UNCSA has experienced great success looking back over our first 50 years.  In preparation for our anniversary and to continue the upward trajectory of the institution, UNCSA is currently developing its Strategic Plan for the next 5 years (2014-2019). 

A Strategic Planning Steering Committee has been formed and has begun analyzing input received from all the arts and academic programs, and all major operating departments. This effort also includes a review of our mission, as required of all UNC campuses by the UNC Board of Governors. Revisions, if any, to our mission must be submitted to the UNC Board of Governors for consideration in September 2013.  We anticipate the presentation of the new strategic plan, for approval by the UNCSA Board of Trustees, in December 2013.   


Below, for reference, are UNCSA’s current vision, mission and core values.        


Vision Statement


  • The UNCSA signifies academic and artistic creativity and excellence that rivals the most respected arts programs and conservatories in the world.
  • The UNCSA is known as the school for the whole artist because of our holistic and integrated approach to training artists who not only excel in their craft but also have the agility to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  Our students excel in their art based on a foundation in tradition, a broad spectrum of learning and experience, a passion for inquiry, and a spirit of creativity.  Our success is acknowledged by those who approach us to learn our best practices and to help them solve complex problems. 
  • The UNCSA is a diverse community across our student body, faculty and staff of inspired creators focused on molding the future for all to experience.  Collectively we value and demonstrate open two-way communications and collaboration.
  • The UNCSA is supported by the state of NC, the federal government, corporations, foundations and individuals to ensure access for talented students of all socio-economic backgrounds, to provide state-of-the-art facilities and to support instruction and performances that are the definition of excellence.
  • The UNCSA is recognized in our community as a source of our region’s and our state’s economic prosperity and social well-being, and valued for its service and civic responsibility.
  • The students, faculty and staff of the UNCSA feel like they are part of a campus community that is unique, stimulating, challenging, supportive, nurturing, optimistic and fun.


Mission Statement


The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is the State’s unique professional school for the performing, visual, and moving image arts, training students at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels for professional careers in the arts.  As such, UNCSA provides gifted developing artists with the experience, knowledge, and skills needed to excel in their disciplines and in their lives; and serves and enriches the cultural and economic prosperity of the people of North Carolina, the South and the United States.


Core Values






Creativity (Innovation)


Wellness (Whole Person)




Respect (Empathy)


2013 University Commencement


2014-19 Strategic Planning Initiative

Strategic Planning Timeline

July 3, 2013:  First meeting

Aug. 15, 2013:  Prioritized list complete for presentation to campus

Aug. 15 to Sept. 15:  Present to campus and solicit feedback

Sept. 26, 2013:  Present mission and interim report to Board of Trustees

Sept. 27–Nov. 1, 2013:  Write plan

Sept. 27–Dec. 1, 2013:  Create performance presentation

Nov. 1, 2013:   Final draft for review

Nov. 15, 2013:  Submit in BOT materials

Dec. 5, 2013:  Present final version to BOT                                              


Meeting Summaries

* July 3, 2013 Meeting Summary
July 17, 2013 Meeting Summary


Initial Planning Guidance and Input Templates

UNCSA Strategic Planning 2013-2023

Strategic Planning 2014-2019 Information Sheet

Strategic Plan 2012-2013: Administrative Unit Template

Strategic Plan 2012-2013: Strategic Priorities Template


Draft revised vision, core values, goals and mission


Summaries of Unit and Campus Priorities

Campus Priorities
Unit Priorities
UNCSA Proposed Priorities


Draft strategic plan (TBA)


Strategic Planning Steering Committee Members


Committee Members

Jim DeCristo, Co-Chair, Director of External Affairs
Ward Caldwell, Dean of Students
Carin Ioannou, Senior Director of Business Affairs
Betsy Towns, Chair of Faculty Council
Todd Hoover, High School Academic Program
Joseph Blankenship, President of the Student Government Association
Preston Lane, Alumni Representative
Carl Forsman, Dean of Drama
Marla Carpenter, Director of Communications and Marketing
Will Taylor, Vice Chair of Faculty Council

Ex-officio Members
David Nelson, Co-Chair, Acting Chancellor and Provost
George Burnette, Chief Operating Officer
Mark Hough, Chief Advancement Officer
David English, Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies
Lynda Lotich, Interim Director of the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts
Xiaoyun Yang, Senior Director of Academic Planning and Institutional Research



University of North Carolina System Strategic Plan


Please direct questions and comments to Jim DeCristo at or (336) 734-2862