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 Contact Information

Applicants are prescreened by the School of Filmmaking. DO NOT make travel arrangements until you are notified by an Admissions Counselor that an interview has been granted. Notification will be by email. If using a spam filter make sure you do not block UNCSA email.

To be considered for an interview you must have the following minimum requirements:

  • GPA = 3.0 or better
  • SAT = 540 critical reading, 520 math, 540 writing or 1600 combined
  • ACT = 22

*Note: If you have a GPA, SAT or ACT score that falls below the minimums listed above, your application will be considered on a case by case basis.


Accompanying application documentation must be received in the Office of Admissions before the date of your interview.

In order to facilitate a smooth admissions process and speedy review of applicant files, applicants are encouraged to apply by a set of priority dates. Each priority date acts as a deadline by which you must apply in order to have an audition or interview during a given timeframe. Please review the audition and interview dates for your selected program to ensure you apply by one of the priority dates. Please be aware that each arts school has different audition and interview dates and that a school may not have dates after a certain time.


Click the following link to view the interview dates. Make sure to only select dates in the column labeled "School of Filmmaking." Interview Dates PDF

Important Information: In addition to your portfolio, all supplemental application documentation (i.e. Transcripts, Resume, etc.) must be received by the admissions office no later than:

- November 06, 2015, if you plan to interview on November 21, 2015.
- November 20, 2015, if you plan to interview on December 05, 2015.
- January 16, 2016, if you plan to interview on February 06, 2016.

Skype and Phone Interviews
The School of Filmmaking will honor requests from applicants outside of the United States and to those who are experiencing hardship. You must provide a current Skype address and/or phone number, including time zone information with the application. Interview teams will make every effort to accommodate requests.

Exceptions will also be made for an applicant who is scheduled for a campus interview but due to inclement weather must cancel a flight or car drive to the campus.

Additionally, the School of Filmmaking reserves the right to request a Skype or phone interview when the campus is threatened with inclement weather.


Undergraduate Application Guidelines & Requirements for Freshmen Applicants

Undergraduate Application Guidelines & Requirements for Transfer Applicants

International Application Guidelines & Requirements


All students admitted to the School of Filmmaking enter the program as “generalists,” but each applicant may tailor his or her portfolio to contain any combination of the suggested items listed in the three categories below.


If you intend to submit a portfolio you must do so electronically, either by You Tube or Vimeo. Include the link to portfolio on your resume. The portfolio should be tailored to fit the area of study in which you are interested and shoud be no longer then 5 minutes.

Instructions on how to create a Vimeo account.

Examples of work the portfolio might contain:
Photographs of productions
Drawings or paintings from art classes (not necessarily related to film)
Three dimensional work, models, sculpture
Production books
Production draftings
Scene, costume renderings and sketches
Visual examples showing highest level of achievement and training, graphic abilities and artistic vision
Sketchbooks, preliminary sketches (your process)
Any computer-aided drafting examples of applicant’s work
Examples of designs rendered using Adobe Creative Suite
Packages or other design software

Examples of work the portfolio might contain:
A DVD showing work shot on film or video
A portfolio of still photographs showing composition and framing skills

Examples of work the portfolio might contain:
Creative writing, short stories, screenplays
A DVD of narrative film or video projects
Slide shows that tell a story
Still photographs
Shot lists, floor plans, overheads and/or storyboards of applicants film or video projects
Budgets for film or video projects created
Pamphlets of theatrical productions in which applicant worked in any capacity
Journals of film/video and/or theater productions in which applicant participated.


Master of Fine Arts

  • Creative Producing
  • Film Music Composition
  • Screenwriting

Graduate Application Deadline: Monday, February 1, 2016

Minimum Requirements for Admission to the MFA in Filmmaking:

  • All applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree;
  • Qualified applicants applying directly out of undergraduate school must show a GPA of 3.0 or better;
  • Preferred applicants to the Film Music Composition concentration should have an undergraduate degree in music or music composition;
  • Preferred primary applicants for the Creative Producing or Screenwriting concentrations should have a minimum of 2 years of work experience.

Documents to be Submitted for Admission:

For Applicants to the Creative Producing or Screenwriting Concentration:

  • Letter of intent;
  • Transcripts;
  • Two letters of recommendation;
  • One letter from an arts or academic instructor;
  • If applicant is not currently enrolled in school, recommendation may be from employer, mentor, or artists with whom applicant as worked;
  • Two writing samples in pdf format: one of creative fiction (screenplay, theatrical script, or short story) and one expository essay (of film analysis or film criticism).

For Applicants to the Film Music Composition Concentration:

  • Letter of intent;
  • Transcripts;
  • Two letters of recommendation;
  • One letter from an arts or academic instructor;
  • If applicant is not currently enrolled in school, recommendation may be from employer, mentor, or artists with whom applicant as worked;
  • Portfolio of three to five original compositions, preferably demonstrating a proficiency in contrasting musical styles, to be submitted in the following formats: film clips with original score (mp4 or video DVD), live or MIDI audio recordings (mp3 or audio CD), and accompanying musical scores in pdf format.  This portfolio may be submitted digitally via email or a file-sharing service such as DropBox to Christopher Heckman, Film Music Composition Department Chair, at

For further instructions on uploading additional admissions documents, please go to the following link: How to upload admissions documents

Transfer Credit or Advanced Placement
Transfer and/or advanced placement credits will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and may constitute no more than 49% of the credit hours required for the degree.

On-Campus & Skype Interviews
Applicants to the MFA in Filmmaking may conduct on-campus or Skype interviews.  In order to schedule a face-to-face or Skype interview, please contact the School of Filmmaking Academic Programs Manager, Dolores Watson, at 336-770-1332 or, after having submitted your completed application.  You must provide either a current Skype address as well as a cell or landline phone number.  Include time zone information with this request.
If an on-campus or Skype interview session must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., inclement weather, campus closure), we will make our best efforts to reschedule you at a later date.  In such a case, a Skype or phone interview may be the only solution.


The School of Filmmaking is committed to ensuring that otherwise qualified students with disabilities are given equal access through reasonable accommodations to its services, programs, activities, education and employment for students with disabilities. The School of Filmmaking works closely with Counseling and Disability Services in this process. Counseling and Disability Services is the contact point for students with permanent or temporary sensory, physical or psychological disabilities interested in requesting reasonable accommodations due to the effects of a disability.
Students who wish to request reasonable accommodations are encouraged to contact Counseling and Disability Services to start the process for documenting their disability and determining eligibility for services prior to the start of the program. While this process can be started at any time, reasonable accommodations may not be implemented retroactively so being timely in requesting your accommodations is very important. UNCSA does have policies regarding the type of documentation required in order to diagnose different disabilities and a process for requesting accommodations. To learn more about the process for establishing services through these offices please contact Counseling and Disability Services.
Students with disabilities are expected to perform all the essential functions of the program with or without reasonable accommodation. The School of Filmmaking will work with the student and Counseling and Disability Services to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations. While The School of Filmmaking will make every effort to work with our students with disabilities to accommodate their disability-related needs, it is important to note we are not required to provide requested accommodations that would fundamentally alter the essential functions or technical standards of the program.


For your records, keep copies of the application and all materials mailed to the Office Admissions.  Items can get lost in the mail and cannot be returned.
Do not mail application document to the School of Filmmaking.  Send your materials to the following mailing address:

Office of Admissions
University of North Carolina School of the Arts
1533 S. Main St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27127