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 About Our Alumni

Do you have to graduate from the School to be considered an alumnus/na?
No. Generally speaking, we consider anyone who attended the School of the Arts for one academic year to be an alumnus/na. This is typical of most colleges and universities in the country.

Do I have to be a donor to the School to get the newsletter "Callboard"?
No. We’d love it if you make a gift, but we send the newsletter to every alumnus for whom we have a deliverable address. Callboard can also be found online.

Does the School really want to know what I’m doing if I’ve left the arts world?
Absolutely. Many alumni who have made career changes still love the time they spent here and can offer valuable advice and perspectives. We need dedicated advocates for the School from all areas of our community.

Can the Alumni Office help me locate some of my fellow alumni?
You bet. If you contact us, we will be happy to help you. Just click "Contacts" on the navigation bar for contact information.

How do I request an official transcript? 
Transcripts may be requested from the Registrar.  For instructions and order forms, visit