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 General Information

Medical Emergency

If you are able to, please contact UNCSA Police immediately in a medical emergency.   

  • UNCSA Police are all trained first responders and our response time on campus is faster than any other agency.
  • We carry emergency medical equipment in our vehicles to perform first aid, or CPR, if necessary.
  • As soon as we are contacted, the communications center can be in immediate contact for fire/EMS and then relay information to them as they are responding to the scene.  This includes patient status information and the best route to use entering/on campus in response. 
  • A UNCSA police vehicle may need to meet EMS at the entrance and lead them to the location to save time.  Agencies in this area all work off of the same radio system and we have established protocols to talk with each other for this circumstance.
  • EMS will not come directly to a scene if there is any doubt that the subject is acting out/violent or the scene is not safe/secured. They will “stage” closely to campus and wait. In that circumstance, the police need to check the situation, render the situation safe, and inform EMS that they are clear to respond.  The faster police get to the scene, the quicker it can be secured for the EMS unit.

If you do call UNCSA Police with a medical emergency the information we will need immediately:

  • Location & nature of the medical emergency (subject conscious?, responsive/talking?, wounds/injuries?, etc).

  • If known the name of the subject needing assistance.

Options to contact UNCSA Police in a medical emergency:

  • With a campus phone, dial call --   “55”
  • Cell phone or other phone -- Please program “emergencies,” 336-770-3362 into your personal cell phone so you can dial for help quickly.
  • Call Box – Activate any call box on campus and talk directly with a communications officer.
  • Red phones – Pick-up any red phone near your location and talk directly with a communications officer.