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 General Information


On behalf of the UNCSA Department of Police and Public Safety, welcome to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. I can say, without reservation, that members of our staff are genuinely dedicated to serving this wonderfully unique community, especially our very talented and hard-working student population.

Our number one priority is always individual safety, and it serves as the driving force behind our campus community policing strategy.  We believe that effective campus policing requires all of our officers to function as an integral part of the UNCSA community. 

While we perform the full range of traditional law enforcement functions, we also perform services to:

  • Facilitate the overall UNCSA mission.
  • Enhance the student-artist experience.
  • Facilitate faculty/staff teaching, performance, and operational efforts.
  • Extend our full support to UNCSA community members that are victims of off-campus crimes.
  • Partner with community members to solve problems.
  • Provide parents and visitors with information and other services in a manner that positively impacts their overall impression and lasting image of campus.
  • Help maintain a comfortable, inclusive, and safe environment where collaboration, not conflict,  is the predominant social norm.

The Division of Student Life and Department of Police and Public Safety work collaboratively to develop the Annual Campus Safety and Security Handbook.  It contains information pertaining to police services, UNCSA safety policies, crime data, timely warnings, emergency notifications, emergency management, personal safety, UNCSA resources, fire safety, and other relevant information. 

Although the UNCSA statistics reflect a very low crime rate, it is important to remember that we are not immune from criminal activity. Given that we have a High School and College student population, it is especially key to stay vigilant and contact UNCSA Police immediately about any suspicious activities.  

It is an honor and privilege to be the Chief of Police at UNCSA.  Please feel free to contact the Police Department at 336-770-3321 with any questions.  I look forward to a safe, secure and successful school year.   

Deb Cheesebro, PhD
Senior Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management
Chief of Police



Dear  UNCSA family,

The Division of Student Life considers your safety and security as primary goals in every decision we make. To guarantee this commitment, we have joined with the UNCSA Police Department to create a widespread approach to campus safety to insure that personal safety and property protection are sustained at the maximum level.

The information compiled in this booklet is provided to help educate each and every member of the UNCSA family about the many ways personal safety, security and property protection are predominantly dependent upon your individual decisions. I encourage you to read this document closely, take note of the numerous services available to you and keep it as a valuable reference.

Have a safe and productive school year. Do not hesitate to contact any member of the student life staff or UNCSA Police if you ever have a question or concern about your campus safety.

Anne White
Vice Chancellor for Student Life