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 General Information


EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS CENTER:  UNCSA Police employ 4 full-time professional communications officers. They operate a “24/7” communications center.  Calls are received and dispatched to police and emergency personnel.  The Police Department is the primary means for emergency first response for a crime, suspicious circumstance,  medical crisis, intrusion/fire alarm,  or other critical incident situation. 
POLICE: UNCSA uniformed officers patrol campus buildings and grounds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Officers may be on foot, in a vehicle or on a bicycle.  Officers respond to crime scenes and conduct follow-up criminal investigations.  Officers direct and monitor vehicular traffic on campus.  They may divert traffic when needed, and motorists are obligated by law to obey the lawful instruction of a police officer when this occurs.

PUBLIC SAFETY: UNCSA Police promote safety through orientation programs, educational materials, and by encouraging all members of the campus community to serve as the extended “eyes and ears” of the Police Department. Public Safety personnel coordinate all surveillance cameras on the campus. Students, faculty and staff members may request a security escort from anywhere on campus. The first available officer will respond and escort the individual to the requested destination on campus or within 1 mile of campus. 

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  The Department serves as the central “lost and found” location for the campus community. Officers will assist on-campus motorists that are locked out of their vehicle or find that their vehicle needs a jump start. Officers also register bicycles on campus and engrave personal items (such as lap-top computers) with identifying letters for students, faculty or staff.   

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: The Department has a full-time Emergency Management Specialist on staff responsible for developing and maintaining emergency plans and emergency notification systems.  In the event of an incident, the Emergency Operations Center is activated and UNCSA Police personnel serve as incident commanders, as well as, advisors to UNCSA administrators.

PARKING DECALS AND ENFORCEMENT: All students, faculty, and staff that park on UNCSA  property must display a valid parking decal or temporary permit, appropriately placed, on the vehicle being parked.  The Traffic and Parking Enforcement brochure is available online.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  The Police Department is very involved in special events that occur on-campus. Most events require special arrangements for parking, traffic direction, crowd control, and security. For events serving alcohol on campus, UNCSA Police must sign the special event approval form and must be present at the event. Police assist with more than 300 special event details in a year. The staffing of a detail can be provided by regular shift personnel or additional officers scheduled just for the event. The number of officers needed varies depending upon the event’s size and complexity, and the number of functions scheduled at any one time. There are also times when the Department supplements police officers with contract private security officers.

When contacted by the event sponsor, UNCSA Police will advise whether there is a charge for the police services needed. If so, UNCSA Police will provide an estimate of the cost presented as a “not to exceed” cost. Every effort will be made to minimize the cost of services. UNCSA is different from other small schools due to the number of performance venues, including the Stevens Center (seating 1,380 patrons) in downtown Winston-Salem. Designated officers also review and approve event related requests for open flame permits and film shoot special effects, among others.  

REPORTING OFF-CAMPUS CRIME:  For crimes committed off-campus, you should contact the local law enforcement agency where the crime is occurring or has occurred.  If it is not an urgent situation, UNCSA Police can assist you with contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency and the reporting process.  If the crime you are reporting occurred in the city of Winston-Salem, UNCSA Police can contact the Winston-Salem Police Department and request that they meet with you on campus.

COMMUNITY POLICING PARTNERSHIPS:  The UNCSA Police Department is committed to facilitating a strong partnership with the campus community for the purposes of solving problems, preventing crime, fostering personal safety, and protecting UNCSA and individual property.  Safety and security are shared responsibilities and it is only through this mutual partnership and understanding that we can all be successful. Officers are encouraged to establish and maintain long-term working relationships with the faculty, staff and students assigned to them.