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 General Information

Policy for Smoking on UNCSA Campus


North Carolina General Statutes

Source of Authority:

North Carolina General Assembly


This is the latest in a series of anti-smoking laws  passed by the General  Assembly over the last ten years.

Responsible Offices:

Facilities Services; General Counsel, Business Affairs




The purpose of this policy is to bring UNCSA into compliance with new legislative enactments regulating smoking in and around state buildings and State vehicles.


This policy covers all UNCSA campus facilities, outside areas on the UNCSA campus, spaces rented by UNCSA, spaces rented to UNCSA and State owned or leased vehicles.*


Smoking: This term covers lighted cigarettes, lighted cigars, lighted pipes and any other lighted tobacco product.

Building: This term covers all UNCSA buildings and facilities, residential, performance and administrative.

State Vehicles: This term covers all passenger-carrying vehicles owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the State and assigned permanently or temporarily to a State employee or State agency or institution for official State business.*


No smoking is allowed in any state buildings. This covers all facilities, and buildings at UNCSA, both residential and non-residential.

These restrictions also apply to any building “controlled” by UNCSA.  Thus, all space that UNCSA rents or leases or occupies is covered by the “no smoking ban.”  Similarly, any space that UNCSA rents to outside entities must also comply with the smoking restrictions.

UNCSA has authority to regulate smoking in outside areas defined by the law to include outside space “within 100 linear feet” of a UNCSA building. To this end, UNCSA has determined that smoking will be permissible in outside areas unless these spaces are within 50 feet of a building’s in-take pipes, vents, doors, or a building location where outside air is otherwise drawn into that building. These “no smoking” outside areas will be designated by appropriate signs.

Smoking is prohibited inside state vehicles. A state vehicle is defined as “A passenger-carrying vehicle owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the State and assigned permanently or temporarily to a State employee or State agency or institution for official State business.” These vehicles will have “no smoking” stickers located in conspicuous areas of the vehicle.



  Any inquiries regarding this policy may be directed to University Counsel with regard to interpretation of these new restrictions. Questions about campus and building signage or ventilation may be directed to the Director of Facilities Services. Questions regarding signage or policy for State owned or leased vehicles should be directed to the Senior Director of Business Affairs.

This policy shall be distributed to all new hires. The Vice Chancellor for Student Life will communicate this policy to all students. The Director of Facilities Services will distribute this policy to all contractors and vendors and will provide appropriate signage throughout campus. The Director of Performance Facilities will distribute this policy to all non-UNCSA performers. The Senior Director of Business Affairs will be responsible for the respective State owned or leased vehicles to ensure appropriate signage and communication of this policy.*

Violation of this policy by employees may subject the offender to University discipline. All middle school, high school, college and graduate students will be disciplined per the Smoking and Tobacco Policy distributed to all students by the UNCSA Office of Student Life.