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 General Information

Tornado Watch

Issued when weather conditions are such that severe thunderstorms and tornados may develop. When a WATCH has been issued for your area, you may go about your business, but keep an eye on the sky and stay tuned to the radio or television for further information.

Tornado Warning

Issued when a tornado has be detected by visual sighting or by radar. If a WARNING is issued, take cover immediately. Outdoor warning system will alert campus of tornado warning.  If outside, go into the nearest building. If inside, proceed to designated safe shelter area or lowest level of building. Take shelter in a hallway or bathroom with no windows and in the interior of building. Avoid large theatres, auditoriums, etc.
Shelter until the “all clear.”

Tornado Direction

Generally, tornadoes move from the southwest to northeast.

Seeking Shelter


  • Glass: Usually breaks and becomes dangerous flying missiles during a tornado. Especially avoid shelter near glass on the south and west walls.
  • Long Open Rooms: Dining halls, etc.
  • Southwest Wall: North walls are safest, followed by east walls.

   Look for:

  • Lowest Floor
  • Interior Spaces: Washrooms, closets or hallways NOT facing south or west.
  • Concrete, Steel, or Wood Structures: However, AVOID mobile homes, cars, etc.
  • Hallways Facing North and East
  • Protected Inner Core of a Large Building: Preferably lower floor.
  • Cars and Mobile Homes Provide POOR Shelter

Driving a Car

  • Take a road that is a right angle to the tornado’s path.
  • Park under a bridge.
  • Leave the car and lie flat in a ditch, protecting your head.

Best Position

  • Inside – Curl up, with arms protecting your head.
  • Outside – Lie flat in a ditch with your arms protecting your head, or seek shelter in a culvert.