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 General Information
  • Get Out - If there is a safe escape route, run to the nearest exit without running in a straight line.

  • Call Out - Call UNCSAPD at (336) 770-3362 or 55 from any campus phone.

  • Hide Out - If not able to get out safely, hide in an area where you are well-hidden and well-protected.

  • Keep Out - Lock yourself in a room, turn off all lights, barricade door with heavy furniture, and turn off all noise-producing objects (includes cell phone). Stay Quiet.

  • Spread Out - Do not huddle in groups.

  • Take Out - If shooter comes into your area, do whatever it takes to survive: Distract and overcome by everyone throwing books, backpacks, chairs, and desks. As a last resort, everyone rush the shooter at once.

  • ALL STUDENTS – Please take a few minutes to view this short video titled “Shots Fired on Campus/When Lightning Strikes (Student Edition).”
    It provides guidance for surviving an active shooter situation.
    From the Center for Personal Protection & Safety