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 About Our Alumni

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The UNC School of the Arts has a commitment to outreach and community engagement that dates back to the first years of the School. These programs enrich the cultural life of many areas of the state and region, and provide UNCSA students with valuable performance experience. During the academic year (September-April) the UNCSA Outreach Office coordinates and makes referrals to three types of outreach programs: touring, education and community outreach.

Calls for general information can be directed to Joe Mount.

Community Concerts

Community Concerts (September-April)
UNCSA offers a wide variety of public performances that are available to community presenters. Concert venues include community colleges, historic sites, art museums, and other settings. UNCSA has an ongoing relationship with several North Carolina communities to perform chamber music concerts. Some of these communities include Chapel Hill, Hendersonville, Wilmington, Raleigh, and Charlotte, as well as venues in southern Virginia. UNCSA esembles have performed in Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; New York; Moro Bay; Calif.; and Atlanta, among other cities across the country.
Contact: Joe Mount

Education Programs


In-School Music Programs
Students and faculty from the UNC School of the Arts visit approximately 20-30 schools per year. These activities are organized through the Office of Career Services and Outreach. These programs typically target music students on middle and high school level.
Contact: Joe Mount

Fletcher Opera Institute (
The Institute offers education programs, which introduces young audiences to opera. Opera Fellows visit approximately 30 elementary schools per year, as part of the Fletcher Opera Fellowship training. Fletcher Opera innovative outreach programs have included "What's All the Shouting About?," "Sid the Serpent Who Wanted to Sing," and "Jack and the Beanstalk".
Contact: Steve LaCosse


"Peter and the Wolf"
The story ballet “Peter and the Wolf” is presented in local schools by UNCSA ballet students and is coordinated by ballet faculty member Frank Smith.
Contact: School of Dance

The Pluck Project
Outreach is a component of the Pluck Project, a student-directed program composed of modern dancers at the senior college level which culminates in a New York performance. As part of their activities, the Pluck Project students present dance workshops in N.C. schools.
Contact: Joe Mount

Festival of North Carolina Dance
The Festival of North Carolina Dance is held on the UNCSA campus, over a weekend in February, with classes for approximately 350 students from dance schools and companies across North Carolina. Classes include ballet technique, contemporary technique, pointe, jazz, hip-hop, improvisation, character, and ballet repertory. The weekend concludes with a performance at Stevens Center of adjudicated works by North Carolina dance companies selected for the performance.
Contact: School of Dance


Drama Workshops in NC Schools.
Members of the college senior drama class offer a variety of workshops to drama students in public school drama programs. A variety of workshops are offered, including Shakespeare, masks, theatre games, and musical theatre performances.
Contact: Joe Mount


Community Outreach Programs

A.R.C.H. (Artists Reaching Children in the Hospital) Program
UNCSA high school drama students and guest artists make visits to Brenner Children's Hospital to perform for, interact with, and engage young patients in artistic and creative activities. This interaction helps young patients cope with the anxiety of being in a hospital. Student artists make regular visits during the school year.
Contact: Joe Mount

Global Arts Haiti
Every May, UNCSA high school students travel to Haiti to share their creativity through creating and performing projects with the orphans of Zanmi Beni. UNCSA music students form bucket bands to explore the world of rhythm and percussion; visual artists use digital cameras to share the magic of photography; dancers teach dance to wheelchair bound Haitian children. The studios of UNCSA and the rubble of Haiti are worlds apart, but every summer, knowledge, compassion, creativity, and the magic of art bring us together. While we are in Haiti, we interview and document the lives of the Haitian orphans. Upon return, UNCSA students create a multimedia production sharing the stories of our Haitian friends with the world. Website and blog:
Contact: Joe Mount

Retirement Home Performances
UNCSA students give performances in local retirement communities throughout the academic year.