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"Grove," Spring Dance 2001

"Grove," Spring Dance 2001

Because of the school's experienced, professional faculty and wealth of facilities, Design & Production can offer a diverse assortment of more than 150 courses a year, covering virtually every area of theatrical design, technical theatre and management. Most classes are small, with 6 to 10 students, permitting faculty members to give individual guidance, instruction and advice to students. And, as all faculty members are working professionals in their respective fields, they are all able to provide students with the most up-to-date industry knowledge, skills and techniques, as well as an extensive network of industry networking contacts.

Design and Production Course Descriptions

A detailed listing of degree requirements, by course, for each program in Design and Production is provided at the beginning of both the undergraduate and graduate Bulletins. In addition, the Bulletins provide a detailed course description for each course offered in the School of Design and Production. These detailed course descriptions, by course number, can be found directly after the listings of program requirements.

All courses listed in the Bulletin may not be offered every year. A list of courses offered in a given year or term may be obtained from the School of Design & Production office.