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Program Description

Graduate costume design is a rigorous program that offers hands-on experience in theatre, opera, dance and film. Three resident faculty members teach a demanding curriculum designed to prepare students for successful careers in the entertainment industry. In addition to three full years of Costume Design, drawing and rendering courses, graduate students can expect to design a minimum of one realized production each year. They are expected to have a working knowledge of patterning and construction techniques and costume crafts imparted through a series of technology courses.

When not actively designing for a production, students will serve as members of draping or crafts teams. For the 12 to 16 productions each year, students may spend more than 20 hours a week in lab classes in which costumes are built. As part of the third year Design class, students will complete a 4-5 week internship at a professional theatre company or in the studio of a working designer. Students are given considerable production experience, working in five completely different state-of-the-art theatrical spaces on many fully staged productions each year. The program enables the student to graduate with an impressive portfolio of renderings and photography of realized designs.



Bill Brewer, Director of the Costume Design and Technology Program, Costume Design Faculty:   Bio     e-mail

Pam Knourek, Costume Technology Faculty, Costume Shop Manager:   Bio     e-mail

Kjersten Lester-Moratzka, Costume Technology Faculty:   Bio     e-mail

Dina Perez, Visiting Costume Faculty:   Bio     e-mail