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Program Description

UNCSA is one of the only schools in the nation to offer a Master of Fine Arts degree in wig and make-up. Small graduate classes provide a rich learning experience. In addition to all that is offered in the undergraduate program, graduate students will be offered in-depth design studies.

Graduate students will be given the opportunity to perform wig and make-up designs for theater and film productions that will include strong collaboration with costume designers. Graduate students will gain insight into the most advanced prosthetic materials and procedures. They will experience advanced wig construction challenges, and will gain detailed knowledge of period hairstyling. In addition, students will have very attractive art electives to choose from, such as animatronics, advanced puppet creation and puppeteer work, advanced sculpting, and many others. Graduate students will have comprehensive thesis assignments that will excite them, and bring them to understand their own excellence.



Michael Meyer – Director of the Wig and Makeup Program, Wig and Makeup Faculty
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Christal Schanes - Wig and Makeup Faculty   Bio     e-mail