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Program Description

The lighting program is specifically tailored to successfully prepare students for careers in the professional theatre. The curriculum offers sequentially developed classroom instruction, laboratory work and practical production experience. Working with a nationally-recognized, professional, working faculty, students progress through instruction in color and design, drafting, drawing, principles of lighting design, stage electrics, photometrics, fixed and automated luminaries, lighting technologies, computer-aided design and production management.

Students have the opportunity to work in a variety of theatre spaces that they will encounter in the profession as well as the possibility to work in all the performing arts – on plays from classical to contemporary, both ballet and modern dance, opera and special architectural projects.

After completion of the sophomore year of instruction, students can follow either the Lighting Design or the Lighting Technology track of instruction and production assignments. In the final two years of the program, students explore styles of production and are given progressively greater responsibility for creating and implementing the lighting for the some 25 shows presented at the school each year. Students finish with an impressive portfolio, well equipped to enter the profession.


Norman Coates, Director of the Lighting Program; Lighting Design Faculty:   Bio     e-mail

Roz Fulton-Dahlie, LIghting Technology Faculty:   Bio   e-mail

M. Eric Rimes, Lighting Technology Faculty:   Bio     e-mail