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Program Description

This is one of the only programs in the country that provides training in scene design for theatre, dance, opera and film with four full time faculty members who are nationally recognized working professionals. Our comprehensive curriculum helps students develop basic skills in drawing, drafting, rendering, model building and scene painting. In addition, academic classes in undergraduate academic programs are an important contribution to the development of a well-rounded design student. The students' preparation also includes the study of lighting and art history.

The curriculum offers sequentially developed classroom instruction, laboratory work, and practical production experience in scene design and scene painting. At least 14 productions each year are fully produced and student driven in five different theatrical spaces ranging from a black box to a Broadway-scale house. The program has been highly recognized in national design forums and showcases.



John Coyne, Director of the Scene Design Program, Scene Design Faculty:   Bio     e-mail

Howard Jones, Scene Design and Scenic Art Faculty; Director fo the Scenic Art Program:        Bio     e-mail

Eduardo Sicangco, Scene Design Faculty:   Bio     e-mail

Joseph P. Tilford, Scene Design Faculty: Bio    e-mail