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Program Description

 As one of the few undergraduate Stage Properties programs in the nation, this course of study trains students in the craft, artistry and management of stage properties for careers in theatre, film and the entertainment industry. The curriculum balances extensive classroom and studio work with practical experience, spending 20 hours a week in production activities producing the properties for a minimum of 14 productions per year. Our program includes progressively rigorous training in the fundamentals of furniture history and design, furniture construction, theatrical properties management, property construction and production procedures.

Students work on several fully mounted productions each year in the school's property department’s 4,000 square foot fully equipped shop. The property department is divided into a 1,900 square foot carpentry area, 945 square foot soft goods area and a 1,200 square foot craft area.  The program also houses over 58,000 cubic feet of property inventory.  Students learn to work in a variety of techniques utilizing both classic and modern theatrical media to create an elegant and professional end product for the stage. At the culmination of the training period, students are assigned full responsibility for productions as Property Directors; budgeting time and materials, overseeing construction and running a crew.



Bland Wade, Director of the Stage Properties Program; Stage Properties Faculty
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