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Work of Nine Design and Production Students Selected for Prague Quadrennial 2007

Nine School of Design and Production students will have the privilege of having their works displayed as part of the Prague Quadrennial 2007 (PQ07), the 11th International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture, from June 14­–23, 2007, in the Czech Republic.

Six of these student-artists are designers whose work will be showcased. The other three have designed and built NCSA’s contribution to the U.S. student section of the exposition.

Student Work

Student Work

Student Work

About Prague Quadrennial 2007

The world-class event – the world’s largest scenographic exhibition – takes place every four years in Prague, the Czech capital, to honor countries and their individual artists in both educational and professional settings. Each country presents its work around a theme, which deals with the distinctive style surrounding that country’s theatrical landscape. Presented together, these pieces provide a look into each country’s separate culture as well as an overall aesthetic of theatre in the world.

Now in its 11th iteration, the Prague Quadrennial was originally created as a forum to bring artists together from around the world. The overall spirit of the event is not competition, but rather cooperation and open exchange of ideas. These are people who, by being innovators in their art, have changed the direction of their culture’s theatre. The privilege is theirs to collaborate with similar spirits and display their country’s art with pride.

Sixty countries have been selected to display their pieces as part of the exposition. Of the hundreds of colleges and universities to apply to participate in the U.S. student entry, NCSA is one of only 32 institutions chosen to participate.

NCSA’s section of the United States’ Student Entry

Tzuen Yap and Amanda Walker, students and designers of NCSA’s piece, explained how the U.S. entry will look and work:

“The overall aesthetic that the USA student entry will have is a 2-foot thick wall comprised of pieced-together boxes. Each university entered will be responsible for one of the boxes; ours is a 2-foot cube.

“Each of the boxes used to comprise the wall will be a drawer able to be pulled out. We will have smaller pull-out sections in various shapes which will slide up and down on rods. These smaller sections will contain design work or representations thereof contained within them. The idea is that each individual design piece is part of a larger puzzle. Our school’s box is, once again, part of a larger picture, and in the end, the overall entry is part of the world picture.

“When each school applies to have its work showcased, they send material from past shows they have produced. NCSA sent a total of 10 different entries. Three of them were selected to become part of the project. The concept was to design the contents of the drawer to resemble a child’s wooden puzzle. Within our 2-foot cube, we will display the scenic, costume, and lighting design work of the selected students who worked on those three shows.”

Hannah Crowell, whose work on an NCSA production is being displayed, observed: “We wanted to make something interactive. Art is an interactive experience, and we needed to go with that.”

Technical Director McLane Snow was the student overseeing the construction of the box. “There wasn’t much time once we found out we were accepted. We decided to treat it as another production project even though it wasn’t a show. It was that important. We needed to get this thing done, so we did it, we had plenty of help from everybody in the shop.”

The North Carolina School of the Arts is a frequent selection for the Prague Quadrennial, including the last expo in 2003.

“This international recognition of our students’ work is thrilling,” said School of Design and Production Dean Joseph P. Tilford. “It is a testament to their talent, and the caliber of their training.” Dean Tilford’s own designs -- for “Twelfth Night” and “One” at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park -- will be showcased in the professional section of the exhibition.

"Image "

“Twelfth Night”

"Image "

“Twelfth Night”

"Image "

“Twelfth Night”

"Image "

“Twelfth Night”

"Image "

"One "


"One "


“Several of us are hoping to go to Prague for the exposition,” Crowell said, “but that will take some more work. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go to the World’s Fair, or better, the Olympics of theatre.”

NCSA School of Design and Production students whose work will be displayed at the exhibition are:

  • Michael Clark, lighting designer for “Chinese Wall”
  • Hannah Crowell, scenic designer for “The Kitchen”
  • Lara Fabian, scenic designer for “Chinese Wall”
  • Laura Hauser, costume designer for “The Kitchen”
  • Diana Kourey, costume designer for Barber of Seville
  • Ryan Moller, costume designer for “Chinese Wall”

D&P students who designed and built NCSA’s entry are:

  • McLane Snow, technical director for the Prague Box Project
  • Amanda Walker, designer of the Prague Box
  • Tzuen Yap, designer of the Prague Box


“The Chinese Wall”
By Max Frisch

Directed by Bob Francesconi
Scene Design by Lara Fabian
Costume Design by Ryan Moller
Lighting Design by Michael J. Clark
Wig and Makeup Design by Rebecca Helene Kuzuma
Mask Design by Sarah Landbeck and Bob Francesconi
Sound Design by Joo Young Koo
Technical Direction by
Voice and Text Coaching by Jordie MacMinn
Music Direction and Vocal Arrangements by Greg Walters

See "The Chinese Wall" Photo Gallery


“The Kitchen”
By Arnold Wesker

Directed by Bob Francesconi
Scene Design by Hannah Crowell
Costume Design by Laura Hauser
Lighting Design by Robert Fabrizio
Sound Design by Chris Baine
Voice and Accent Coaching by Mary Irwin and Ben Furey
Movement Coaching by Shanna Beauchamp

See "The Kitchen" Photo Gallery


“The Barber of Seville”

Class Design Project
Concept, Design and Illustrations by Diana Khoury

See "The Barber of Seville" Photo Gallery


More Information

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