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1. You may search by last name, first name, or department. You may also search by a combination of these fields. For example, you can search for all of the people with the first name 'Casey' on campus or you can search for all the people with the first name 'Casey' in the Information Technologies Department.

2. The name fields are designed as backend wildcard. This means you don't have to put in the whole name to successfully search for the person. If you're not sure how to spell someone's name, put in as much as you are sure about. For example, running a search for all the people with the last name 'Cav' returns: Eddy Cavenaugh. Special characters like ' are not allowed within the search. For these names, use the wildcard feature to search up until the special character.

3. Not sure the person's name but think you could pick it out from a short list? Try leaving the first and last name fields blank while you search for an entire department. Chances are you can recognize the name from the list of people in that department.

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