Annamarie Gallagher

Clinical SupervisorCounseling Services
O: 336-734-2909
Annamarie Gallagher

I fell in love with UNCSA when I first arrived, and I am grateful to serve this community again. Several years ago, I interned at UNCSA during my graduate work at Wake Forest University, and then I worked as a community counselor. Before that, I spent almost eight years in Student Life and Admissions, solidifying my passion for working with students, especially those in the arts.

As a university counselor, I enjoy the opportunity to walk students through the transitions and challenges of life. It is a privilege to hear each story and to create a safe place where individuals can be vulnerable while discovering their unique capacity to live fully, according to their particular world-view, expectations, and perceptions. I endorse a holistic view of health in which the mental, physical, and emotional are deeply connected regardless of the situation or presenting issue.

I believe that we all naturally possess a great deal of strength, creativity, compassion, and resilience to cope with ourselves, others, and life. Often we don't realize our own capacity to create change. With that, I seek the approach that works best for each client, often using mindfulness, acceptance and arts-based techniques. In addition to my clinical training, I am pursuing a certification in expressive arts therapy as well as training to be a certified eating disorder specialist.