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UNCSA Educational Policies Committee 2014-2015

Renata Jackson (Filmmaking), Chair, 770-1389
Howard Jones (Design & Production), Vice-Chair, 336-399-2857
Christia Thomason (Library), Recording Sec’y, 770-1392
Hans Gabriel (Division of Liberal Arts), 734-2855
Steve Gallagher (Student Life), 631-1217
Mary Irwin (Drama), 770-1456
Linda Moore (HS Academic Program), 770-3245
Sean Sullivan (Dance), 734-2889
David Winkelman (Music), 770-1315
Erin Morin (Registrar, non-voting), 770-3294
David English (Vice Provost, non-voting), 631-1546
David Nelson (Provost, non-voting), 770-3262


The Educational Policies Committee (EPC) is advisory to the Chancellor, Provost, and all the Deans on various issues pertaining to UNCSA educational programs. EPC thus reviews, makes recommendations concerning, and must approve any and all changes in curricular programs (for example, course additions, deletions, re-descriptions, or changes in credit value). EPC also reviews and makes recommendations on proposed criteria for the admission, retention, release, and readmission of students into their respective programs. In addition, EPC is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding school calendars and schedules, in order to ensure that students and faculty are able to achieve the goals of their educational programs. And finally, EPC must also review the school's Bulletin publications, to ensure the accuracy of the content pertaining to UNCSA's course offerings and credit requirements for all degree and certificate programs.