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 Artilces of Interest

ET Online says to watch for MATTHEW BROWN (UNCSA SoF class of 2015) this summer!
IN THE TREETOPS (released June 12, 2015 at LAFF)
"Brown wrote, directed, produced, and starred in this coming-of-age drama that premiered at this summer's Los Angeles Film Festival. Brown, a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, enlisted many students and alum for the roles and crew. As a result, the film carries a mantra heard in one of its lines: “When you’re with your friends all weekend, reality doesn’t set in until you’re alone again.” Teen angst to spare and complete with a montage of friends horsing around in a parking lot as an indie band croons, Brown has positioned himself well in an indie DIY world where lo-fi is the new black."

Congratulations to Aaron Kelly (UNCSA SoF class of 2013)!
For the second time in the three years of the program the Art Directors Guild has named a UNCSA alumnus to its PA Training Program. Aaron Kelly follows last year's winner Nathan Krochmal (UNCSA SoF class of 2014).
Hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, Aaron Kelly merged his passions of illustration and home filmmaking into a career in film design. During his four years at University of North Carolina, School of the Arts, he designed and held Art Department positions on many short films and music videos, while also crewing on several features and series.
Upon graduating in 2013, Aaron has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Aaron has also continued to design, paint, and be construction coordinator on several feature films and shorts in his home state, in Miami, and in his new home of Los Angeles.

Nathan Fenwick Smith (2014 MFA School of Filmmaking) was awarded a College Television Award (student Emmy) in the Music - Best Original Composition category last night at the 36th Annual College Television Awards. Nate was nominated and won for his work creating an original score on 2014 SOF short film THE COLLECTION. His score was judged by a blue-ribbon panel of judges from the television industry who determined the winners. A second original score Nathan created for STARLIGHT was also submitted for the judges consideration. STARLIGHT was written by Jordan Dee Crabtree, directed by Alex Thompson, produced by Zach Turner and Justin Hoover, with ASC Linwood Dunn Heritage award-winning cinematography by Harper Alexander, production design by Emily Leising, edited by Morgan Westberry and a score composed by Nate Fenwick Smith. THE COLLECTION was written by Noah Smith, directed by Ian Gullett, produced by Tay Nikonovich, with cinematography by Claire Busic, production design by Emilee Cox, edited by David Harris with a score composed by Nate Fenwick Smith. THE COLLECTION Producer Tay Nickonovich and Composer Nate Fenwick Smith attended the College Televisions Awards last night and Nate received his award from Ricky Minor. THE COLLECTION director Ian Gullett and editor David Harris stayed in Winston-Salem to represent the film at the RiverRun Film Festival. Nate joins Tom Santay (Film) and Leo Hurley (Music) as the third UNCSA student to receive a College Television Award. For more information on the College Television Awards, please see:

Congratulations !!
On February 21st, the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards presented the John Cassavetes Award (For best feature made under $500,000) to Land Ho! (Sony Pictures Classics) Writers/Directors: Aaron Katz (UNCSA SoF class of 2004) and Martha Stephens (UNCSA SoF class of 2006).

Congratulations to Aneesa Mahboob for her 2015 American Cinema Editors student competition award nomination!