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The School of Filmmaking offers a variety of courses that are production-oriented, as well as those exploring film history, aesthetics and criticism.  In the first year of the undergraduate program, the core curriculum covers American film history as well as fundamentals in all of the production-related concentrations: animation, cinematography, directing, picture editing & sound design, producing, production design, and screenwriting.  In the second year of the program, students take more focused courses in their specific areas of interest.  Upperclassmen engage in intermediate and advanced-level coursework in their areas of concentration.  Additionally, third- and fourth-year students choose from a wide range of elective classes to round out their education.

Courses in Film Music Composition are at the graduate-level, specifically designed to equip the composer with a variety of skills.  These include digital and analog recording; orchestrating; conducting; the film music business; scoring for feature film, television, and new media; and collaborating with directors, producers, editors, and musicians.  This curricular diversity provides the students with the variety of experience necessary to function successfully within the highly competitive world of film music composition.

Course descriptions can be found in the filmmaking section of the appropriate Bulletin: