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Through lectures, hands-on workshops, screenings and labs, students first learn the basics of film and digital video photography using a digital video camera. The topics include terminology, crew positions, set safety, set etiquette, camera, grip and lighting equipment and much more. Specific topics included in those areas are choices of composition, lenses, film stocks, lights and related accessories. As students specialize in cinematography, they are taught more advanced lighting, grip, electric, rigging, and professional camera department techniques, skills and procedures necessary to shoot their 3rd and 4th year films. Students are trained on both film and digital using the Arriflex SR2 and SR3 as well as Arri Alexa and RED digital cameras.  Additional techniques and procedures for film testing, working with the laboratory, digital imaging and documentary filmmaking are taught. In the 4th year students will also be taught about cinematographers considered to be masters of their craft and the business side of the industry which includes resumes, demo reels, contracts, taxes and career opportunities for them upon graduation. The program also includes training in all aspects of new media technologies including state-of-the-art high definition digital acquisition, digital intermediates and a number of elective classes that deal with subjects related to advanced cinematography. Professionalism in the industry is stressed throughout the tenure of the students in the cinematography program. Students are prepared to work at the highest levels of the filmmaking industry.