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Film Students

UNCSA School of Filmmaking's dynamic combination of experienced faculty and state-of-the-art production facilities with an emphasis on hands-on production makes it one of the top film schools in the country. Courses are designed to maximize the student’s ability to understand and put into practice the craft of producing narrative motion pictures. The emphasis in the producing discipline is on the challenge of finding, developing and producing material for film, television, commercials and new media. Using their student productions as a template, producers gain experience in working with writers and directors on original screenplays or adaptations. Student producers are also involved in securing story and music rights, casting, scheduling, budgeting, marketing and supervising productions. Graduates of this school will: be well versed in orienting projects toward either the independent or major studio marketplace; know how to set up their own company and develop a prospectus for financing a full-length feature film or TV series; and be fully conversant with current practices in film financing, marketing and distribution, both domestically and abroad, as well as producing transmedia, animation and online content.