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 Student Spotlight


Intensive Arts 2005

Intensive Arts is a two-week period during which the students participate in specialized activities focusing on aspects of filmmaking that may not be covered in the normal curriculum. Intensive Arts 2005 featured Guest Artists, seminars and workshops, screenings, and special productions.

Guest Artists:
Editor Michael Miller screening MILLERS CROSSING, with q & a after, and one-on-one with third and fourth year editors discussing their cuts

Junebug Screening with Screenwriter Angus MacLachlan and Director Phil Morrison, Monday November 28, seminar for screenwriters on Tues. Nov. 29 Underwater Cinematography with Feodor Pitcairn screening VOYAGE OF A WHALE with producing partner, Laura Vagnone Dec. 6 and Dec. 7 – afternoon screening and q & a on Dec. 6, seminars for cinematographers with Feo and producers with Laura on Dec. 7

Director Joan Darling, two-day workshop on working with actors for directors and screenwriters Friday, Dec. 2-Saturday, Dec. 3

Charles Rosen, returning to work with Production Designers for two-day one-on-one workshop with Production Designers using THE RIVER as a model.

David LaChapelle seminar on visual arts, photography and music videos Tuesday, Dec. 6. Screening of documentary RIZE with Q & A after screening, Wednesday night, Dec. 7 John Byrne seminar on choreography for music video on Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 7

Panavision 35mm workshop –for 3rd and 4th year cinematographers
Ethics seminar – Dean Pollock’s ethics seminar for 1st year students
Scoring your film with David McHugh and Film Music Composition students
Press kit workshop – preparing to publicize you short film for the festival circuit
3rd year story meetings
2nd year pitch process seminar
2nd year discipline choice seminar with Dale, discipline chairs, and Alice in the second week
Seminar on cover letters and resumes for internships - 1st and 2nd years with Dale

In collaboration with Bob Sherertz and WFUBMC – 5 minute infectious disease “E.R.” type dramatization video will be shot during first week of Intensive Arts.

Student Academy Awards
Clermont Ferrand Award winning shorts Program 1
Clermont Ferrand Award winning shorts Program 2
Oscar winning Short films
Ethics film screenings for first years in Dean Pollock’s seminar
Faculty Favorites – Faculty share and discuss a favorite film from the NCSA Archives