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NCSA Film Students Take Two of Three 2006 Book Video Awards

WINSTON-SALEM – “The hottest new filmmakers at top U.S. film schools are creating book videos for three of the hottest debut titles of summer 2006,” shouts the website for The Book Standard, the online information center for the publishing industry.

School of Filmmaking students at the North Carolina School of the Arts have won two of the three 2006 Book Video Awards, and will be making videos for two of the three “hot” book titles that debut this summer. Winning students are Alan Van Dyke of Raleigh, a fourth-year college student studying screenwriting, who entered the competition alone; and the team of Hiu Yan "Emily" Kwong of Singapore, a third-year college student studying screenwriting, and Michael DeWeese of Virginia Beach, Va., a fourth-year college student studying screenwriting.

“This competition represents a tremendous opportunity for the winning student filmmakers and the School as a whole,” said NCSA School of Filmmaking Dean Dale Pollock. “The book video is a new idea – think music videos and MTV circa 1980. We congratulate and support our winning student filmmakers as they explore this new format for short filmmaking.”

NCSA School of Filmmaking students submitted seven total entries, winning two of the three possible production grants awarded against competition from both undergraduate and graduate film students at Columbia University, Northwestern University and the University of Texas-Austin.

A first of its genre competition, The Book Standard 2006 Book Video Awards was a skill contest in which eligible filmmakers from select film schools competed for the opportunity to produce, for distribution via the Internet and through other media outlets and distribution channels, a short commercial film, called a “book video,” that previews and promotes one of three new books to be published by Bantam Dell Publishing Group, a division of Random House, in the summer of 2006. They are “Shadow Man” by Cody McFadyen; “Stuart: A Life Backwards,” by Alexander Masters; and “Thieves of Heaven” by Richard Doetsch.

Competitors submitted scripts and storyboards. Kwong and DeWeese were awarded a $3,500 production grant for “Shadow Man,” while Van Dyke won a $3,500 production grant for “Thieves of Heaven.” A student from Columbia University won a $3,500 production grant for “Stuart.”

Following conference calls with the publisher, the winning students will commence production on their book videos immediately. They have approximately six weeks to prep, shoot and edit their 30-second spots, delivering the finished digital book video to The Book Standard by April 24.

Once the book videos are complete, the students will be invited to an unveiling of the videos and a press conference for the book and film industries hosted by The Book Standard in New York City, in early May.

The three book videos will be streamed over websites for Billboard, The Book Standard, and the Bantam Dell Publishing Group; the Book Video Awards website ; and over mobile communication products.

Van Dyke’s source book, “Thieves of Heaven,” has already been optioned by Twentieth Century Fox, to be made into a feature film.

The winning students also receive a free one-year subscription to Kirkus Reviews (valued at $450). Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick discovered the book upon which he based his film FULL METAL JACKET inside Kirkus Reviews, which is the oldest and most prestigious journal of pre-publication book reviews.

For more information, visit the contest website at

The School of Filmmaking, one of five professional schools that make up the North Carolina School of the Arts, offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts and College Arts Diploma in cinematography, directing, editing and sound, producing, production design, and screenwriting, and a Master of Fine Arts in film music composition. Film alumni include David Gordon Green, director of the critically hailed ALL THE REAL GIRLS and GEORGE WASHINGTON, and Tim Orr, cinematographer of DANDELION and IMAGINARY HEROES. Student films have won numerous honors, including a Student Academy Award, the Patrick Peyton Excellence in Filmmaking Award (Angelus Awards Student Film Festival), the SHOWTIME Black Filmmaker Showcase, and numerous CINE Eagles.