Hamlin Scholarship Benefit

Hamlin Scholarship Benefit

Support UNCSA’s commitment to cultural and ethnic diversity in the arts through The Larry Leon Hamlin and Sylvia Sprinkle Hamlin / Urban League Endowed Scholarship. The Hamlin Scholarship provides talented artists of color in the schools of Design & Production and Drama the life-changing opportunity to access UNCSA’s world-class arts education and training.

Since receiving the [Hamlin] scholarship, I see that my life has purpose — I am now more than another statistic. I have become a better leader in my community, studio mate, son and artist who dreams big dreams.

Carl Bryant, UNCSA School of Drama student

Latest Event

The 2016 Hamlin Scholarship Benefit was held on Thursday, November 17, with a pre-show reception with Hamlin Scholars and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot opening night performance, featuring 2014-2015 Hamlin Scholar Carl Bryant.


For questions regarding the annual Hamlin Scholarship Benefit, contact the Advancement Office at (336) 770-3332 or dejesusc@uncsa.edu