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Volunteer With Us

Founded in the late 1970s, The Associates is a group of dedicated people whose common interest is the advancement of UNCSA and the well-being of its students. This volunteer organization provides a number of opportunities for you to support and promote the activities of the school. We invite you to become involved in the life of the school through one of The Associates’ volunteer opportunities listed below.

The Associates of UNCSA

The Associates of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts is a volunteer organization established in the late 1970’s. The mission of The Associates is to:

  • Support, promote and build audiences for student performances, activities and needs.
  • Foster increased visibility and relationships between UNCSA and the Triad.
  • Increase the number of community volunteers and provide them the opportunity to participate in UNCSA’s mission of preparing exceptionally talented students for careers in the performing and moving image arts.

How else do the associates benefit the UNCSA community?

  • The Associates Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 2012 with an anonymous matching gift. Each year a scholarship is awarded to a student demonstrating financial need.
  • At the end of the year, a portion of the organization’s operating funds is distributed to the deans to benefit students directly.

For more information on how to become a UNCSA volunteer, please contact Savannah Stanbery by phone at (336) 770-1427 or email at stanberys@uncsa.edu 

To pay for your membership online, click here. Type in the amount of your gift. Designate "Other" from the drop down menu and type "Associates Dues."

Volunteer Opportunities

  • The Host Family Program provides warm and inviting home environments for high school students wishing to take a break from hectic schedules and busy dorm life. This is an excellent chance to get to know up-and-coming artists and develop life-long friendships. 
  • Helpmates are volunteers who perform a wide variety of short-term tasks at the request of the UNCSA faculty, staff and administration through the Helpmates Coordinator. They include helping in the campus Mail Center, assembling mass mailings, serving food at special events, assisting at summer arts intensives, high school and college orientations, covering the Welcome Center desk, delivering performance calendars to area businesses and special projects in the Archives, just to name a few.
  • “Behind the Scenes” works with UNCSA faculty to arrange behind-the-scenes programs to give the public an insider’s glimpse into the staging of UNCSA productions.
  • Hospitality hosts small parties and receptions in conjunction with Associates’ events, including “Behind the Scenes” programs.
  • Movie Extras continues our interaction with the School of Filmmaking through two programs.  Location Shots is an opportunity for Associates to offer their homes as locations for student films, and Casting Calls gives Associates a chance to satisfy that inner yearning to act in student film productions.
  • Salon @ Six is an opportunity to showcase UNCSA students to new audiences who have not previously been involved with UNCSA. Small gatherings are held in volunteer’s homes where light hors d’oeuvres and beverages are served and those attending are able to mingle with the students after the performance. 

Board of Directors

  • President: Susan Melville
  • Vice President: Linda Bettis
  • Secretary: Warren Dunn
  • Treasurer: Calvin Jones
  • Immediate Past President: Nola Miller

Committee Chairs

  • Associates Present: "Behind the Scenes": Mary Allen Martin, Anne Sessions
  • Film Liaison: Howard Skillington
  • Helpmates: Bob McNair, Jean Davis
  • Historian: Nancy Gwyn
  • Hospitality: Janet Rodie, Sarah Pierce-Rubio
  • Host Families: Anna Goodman, Clare Jordan
  • Members at Large: Linda Bettis, Mindy Bloom, Judy Watson
  • Membership: Karen Robertson
  • Newsletter: Becky Brown
  • Salon@Six: Carolyn Bailey, Carloyn Peddycord, Pam Short
  • Social Media: Bob McNair, Judy Watson

The Associates' Board of Directors meets at 11:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month of the school year (September to May) in the 4th Floor Seminar Room in the library. All Associates members are invited to attend the monthly board meeting.


Associates Bylaws