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 Human Resources


Newsletter 2-15-10
Cover Story:     UNCSA Staff Council Chili Cookoff
Inside this issue Timesheet Information, Optional Disability Benefits, HR In Touch Electronic Enrollment, Tuition Waiver and Fees, Black History Month, SKYWARN Training.


Newsletter 1-11-10
Cover Story:     New Year – New things to Do
Inside this issue MLK Triad Day of Service -  Newly Enhanced and Covered Benefits  -  Resolutions   -  Tax Exempt Status  -  Who’s New? – Work Motivations – 2009 W2 – Timesheets and Accruals  - Adverse Weather  -  FERPA Training



Newsletter 11-16-09
Cover Story:     Mid-Month Time Sheets – Revised Adverse Weather Policy
Inside this issue WSECU  -  Furlough Time  -  Pumpkin Carving Contest   -  Cookie Swap  -  Calendar


Newsletter 10-26-09
Cover Story:     2009 Outstanding Service Award Winner
Inside this issue Who’s New  -  Employee Appreciation Day Pictures  -  Pumpkin Carving Contest   -  CPM Honors  -  HR Contact Information
Newsletter 10-19-09
Cover Story:     UNCSA Flu Shot Clinic
Inside this issue NC Flex Benefits  -  Say Goodbye to EOI  -  Vision   -  Core AD&D  -  Save with Generics  -  Lower Cost Rx Programs  -  Nasal Steroid Therapy Program  -  SECC  -  HR Contact Information
Newsletter 10-2-09
Cover Story:     Special Benefits Edition



Newsletter 9-28-09
Cover Story:     UNCSA Employee Appreciation Day
Inside this issue Compensatory Time  -  Personal Information Reminder  -  State Health Plan Updates   -  Healthy U Kick Off Event  -  Calendar


Newsletter 9-14-09
Cover Story:     Winter Holiday Survey Results
Inside this issue H1N1 Influenza  -  UNCSA Flu Shot Clinic  -  Faculty Introductions  -  Surveying Change  -  Calendar


Newsletter 9-4-09
Cover Story:     Overview of Probationary Employment & Career State Employee Status
Inside this issue Worksite Wellness  -  You Can Quit  -  Tuition Waiver Program Update  -  Employer Contribution Updates  -   Advancement Staffing  -  Healthy U  -  Walk Stretch Play  -  Calendar



Newsletter 8-24-09
Cover Story:     UNCSA Policy for Smoking on Campus
Inside this issue Do You Want to Quit Now?  -  Who’s New  -  Healthy U Survey  -  Personal Information Update Form  -  Fond Farewell & Recipes  -  Calendar


Newsletter 8-10-09
Cover Story:     Personal Information Form Update Requested  -  Healthy U Survey
Inside this issue 1970 Graduates (from Archives)  -  Fond Farewell  -  Heat Stress  -  EPA Water Conservation  -  SPA Workweek Policy  -  Calendar


Newsletter 8-3-09
Cover Story:     State Health Plan Launches Members e-Newsletter  -  Healthy Weight
Inside this issue Swat-A-Litterbug  -  Career Development Assessment Tools  -  Heat Stress  -  UNCSA Budget Webpage  -  Calendar


Newsletter 7-27-09
Cover Story:     Updated Forms
Inside this issue Are You Ready?  -  Who’s New  -  Minimum Wage Increase  -  UNCSA Budget Webpage   - Career Development Assessments  -  Fun In The Sun  -  Flexible Furlough  -  Calendar


Newsletter 7-20-09
Cover Story:     News For All State Employees
Inside this issue Race & Ethnicity Data  -  Saving For Your Future  -  Modified 301  -  Fun In The Sun  - Who’s New  -  Calendar


Newsletter 7-13-09
Cover Story:     PeopleAdmin
Inside this issue Furlough Reminder  -  Community Service  -  Healthy U  -  Are You Ready?  - Calendar


Newsletter 7-06-09
Cover Story:     Payroll Transformation Project  -  Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9
Inside this issue United We Serve  -  Healthy U  -  PPO Questions  -  Blast from the Past  - National Cell Phone Courtesy Month  -  Nepotism Policy  -  Calendar



Newsletter 6-29-09
Cover Story:     State Health Plan Verification of Coverage
Inside this issue Revisit Your Resolutions  -  Performance Evaluations  -  Timesheet Reminder  -  Calendar


Newsletter 6-22-09
Cover Story:     Ask HR: Dress Code
Inside this issue Preventative Benefits  -  E-Box for Budget  -  Expiring Employee Contracts  -  Semans Library Archives  -  E-Mail as a Record  -  E-Mail Retention Checklist  -  Calendar


Newsletter 6-15-09
Cover Story:     UNCSA Dress Code
Inside this issue Pharmacy Benefit Changes  -  Ask HR  -  Calendar


Newsletter 6-8-09
Cover Story:     State Health Plan Member Wellness Initiative
Inside this issue Ask HR  -  Employer Review & Verification  -  Instructions for completing I-9  -  Calendar


Newsletter 6-1-09
Cover Story:     UNC Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Changes
Inside this issue NC Cash & Unclaimed Property  -  Free Admission  -  R U Saving Us Money?  -  Furlough Leave Reporting  -  CDI Invitation  -  Budget Webpage  -  Digital Signatures  -  PDF Credential Verification  -  Calendar


Newsletter 5-25-09
Cover Story:     Payroll Deductions
Inside this issue Click It or Ticket  -  Annual Enrollment  -  Eligible Dependents  -  Summer Gardening  -  R U Saving Us Money?  -  Furlough Updates  -  Minimum Wage  -  Lunch & Learn  -  Flex-Time  -  Calendar


Newsletter 5-18-09
Cover Story:     Annual Enrollment – State Health Plan
Inside this issue State Health Plan Updates  -  WeSave  -  Ask HR  -  Budget Webpage  -  OSP Free Resources  -  SHOUT OUT!  -  Training Opportunity  -  CAO’s Retirement  -  Calendar


Newsletter 5-11-09
Cover Story:     Annual Enrollment – State Health Plan
Inside this issue Annual Retirement Benefits Statement – Flexible Furlough (Timesheets) – State Service Awards, SPA Performance Review – Who’s New, Ask HR –  Calendar and Payroll Transformation Project


Newsletter 5-4-09
Cover Story:     Thank You from Chancellor Mauceri
Inside this issue Recognition for employees having 5,10,15,20,25 & 30 years  of dedicated service to the UNCSA  -  Calendar                   



Newsletter 4-27-09
Cover Story:     Special Edition!” All School Meeting Facilitators Comments
Inside this issue The All School Meeting Facilitators Share Their Experiences in the Break Out Sessions and Your Views as They Heard Them – Calendar                    


Newsletter 4-13-09
Cover Story:     State Health Plan Proposed Changes
Inside this issue NC 529 Plan – Community Service Leave – All School Meeting Announcement – Calendar                    

Newsletter 4-21-09
Cover Story:     All School Meeting
Inside this issue SPA / EPA NT Performance Reviews  – Two Hawk – State Health Plan Update –  Address Changes – Spring Fever  – Calendar                

Newsletter 4-6-09
Cover Story:     Adverse Weather / Emergency Closings & Timesheets
Inside this issue Outlook Functionality – Life Planning – Shout Out! – FSA’s – New I9 – Who’s New – Gardening Tips – Calendar                      
Ask HR Topic:  Furloughs / Layoff Notifications



Newsletter 3-30-09
Cover Story:     New I-9 form effective April 3, 2009
Inside this issue Revised Federal Tax Tables – Educate Yourself! – State Health Pilot Program – Calendar                           
Ask HR Topic:  RIF Policy Changes – UNCSA’s New Attorney – Misinterpretation/Misapplication of State Law or Policy – UNCSA Policy vs. State Policy –  Eligibility for Unemployment – Status of Accrued Time Upon Separation                                         
Newsletter 3-23-09
Cover Story:     Developing The State Budget
Inside this issue Payroll Transformation Project – Winter Holiday Survey – EEOI Training Opportunities – Annual Enrollment – Cobra News - Staff Council - Who’s New – Calendar                            
Newsletter 3-16-09
Cover Story:     Policy Update (Revised RIF Policy)/New Committee (HR Best Practice)
Inside this issue Time Equivalency/Leave  Proration – Superior Vision – Staff Council – Who’s New – UNC-TV Adult Learning – Calendar
Newsletter 3-9-09
Cover Story:     Supplemental Retirement
Inside this issue Community Services Leave - Writing an Effective Resume - Staff Council - Secondary Employment - Women’s History Month – Calendar
Newsletter 3-3-09
Cover Story:     Adverse Weather
Inside this issue Saving Money – Allowable Rx Refill Dates – Staff Council – Payroll Transformation – Shout Out – State Application – Calendar
Ask HR Topic:  Budget Reversions and Recruiting



Newsletter 2-25-09
Cover Story:     State Health Planr
Inside this issue Life Events (Transfer/Termination/Retirement) – E Learning – Community Service – The Great American Health Challenge – Winter Term Community Project – Calendar
Newsletter 2-16-09
Cover Story:     Get Busy Getting Healthy (Watching Your Weight)
Inside this issue Life Events (Spouse Employment Changes) – Payroll Project – CAO Search – Staff Council – Time Sheets & Accruals – State Health Plan – E File – Who’s New – Calendar
Ask HR Topic:  Furloughs
Newsletter 2-9-09
Cover Story:     Get Busy Getting Healthy (Smoking)
Inside this issue Life Events (Birth/Adoption) – Form I-9 – Staff Council – Federal & State Law – Lowdown on Furlough – Black History Month – Payroll Conversion  - Who’s New – Calendar
Ask HR Topic:  Options for accrued time after separation from the University


Newsletter 1-30-09
Cover Story:     Get Busy Getting Healthy (Medical Screenings)
Inside this issue Life Events (Marriage) – Post Interview Etiquette – Mailing Payroll Checks – Alternative Heat – Calendar
Newsletter 1-23-09
Cover Story:     Get Busy Getting Healthy (Getting Active)
Inside this issue FMLA – Race & Ethnicity Data – Adverse Weather – SPA Timesheet – Long Term Care – Calendar – UNCSA Fitness Center Information
Newsletter 1-16-09
Cover Story:     Get Busy Getting Healthy (Eating Healthy)
Inside this issue NC Thinks – Timesheets & Accruals – CUPA Salary Surveys – Who’s New – Retirement System Member Update – CAO Departure – Calendar
Ask HR Topic:  Use of State Issued Mobile Phone
Newsletter 1-9-09
Cover Story:     2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
Inside this issue MLK Day of Service – Beneficiaries – Benefits Reminders – Resolutions – Tax Exempt – Who’s New – Work Motivations – Adverse Weather – Calendar



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