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General Information

All university telecommunications services, facilities, and equipment shall be provided and/or coordinated through the Telecommunications Department. University departments must purchase all telecommunications equipment through Purchasing.

About Telecommunication Service Requests

Requests for telecommunications equipment and services require department head approval. Department head approval and university account number to be charged are required.

Financial Responsibility

Equipment and Services.
Financial responsibility for all telecommunications equipment and related services belongs to the requesting university department. In house wiring is contracted out to local contractors. University departments are responsible for obtaining purchase orders for work to be done. IT Telecommunications will schedule and assist vendors

Financial responsibility for all telecommunications equipment and related services belongs to the requesting university department.

Replacement of any telecommunications equipment resulting from damage, loss, or theft is the responsibility of the department.

Request Service

IT Telecommunications coordinates all contact with State Telecommunications and BellSouth. If you are having trouble with your telephone, please test you telephone on another telephone jack. If your equipment works correctly, then send a detailed email to the address below. If the problem is in your privately owned equipment, you will need to arrange for repair by the seller or another repair service. IT Telecommunications does not repair or service privately owned telephone equipment.

Please make requests to:

Please include your full name, department, office location, phone number, service requested, who authorized the service, and which accounts should be charged.

In emergency situations, requests may be made by telephone.

Billy Wynne
Office: (336) 631-1237

Response Time.
Response time for telecommunications services may vary; however, unless an emergency exists or an earlier deadline is essential, normally an average of ten working days may be expected from the time the request is submitted until the service change is effected. Departments should plan their service/repair requests according to the response time listed above. Direct questions regarding the response time for a specific service to the Telecommunications Department.