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 General Information
School of Filmmaking Computer Information

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts’ School of Filmmaking will require incoming freshmen to have an apple computer. UNCSA and Apple Computer are working together to offer approved standard systems at reduced pricing. Learn more about this requirement.

General Computer Information

If you are purchasing a new system to bring to school with you, the Information Technologies department recommends these specifications:

  • Dual Core Processor
  • At least 2 gigs of ram
  • DVDROM Drive
  • Ethernet Patch Cord – Goes from computer’s network interface to the wall port in the residence hall room.

It is strongly suggested that at least one student per room in a residence hall have a companion printer for shared use. There are no “printing facilities” on campus available to students.

Minimum Computer Standards

The Information Technologies department is unable to support any machine that is under these specifications:

  • Any Processor under 1 GHz
  • 512 mb ram
  • Windows XP or MAC OS 10
Microsoft Campus Agreement

Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and Office 2008 for Mac are available to Students, Staff and Faculty via mail order or download from E-Academy, through UNCSA’s Student Option, and Work at Home agreement with Microsoft.  Each Student, Staff, and Faculty member is entitled to install one copy of each software title on their personal computer while their affiliation with the school is active.  There is no charge for the license, but there is a charge for the media including the download process.  An active UNCSA email account ending in or is required to create an E-Academy account to download or order this software.  Please call the UNCSA Help Desk at 336-770-3300 with any questions about this service.

"Things to Know"
  • The Information Technologies Department is not a certified computer repair facility. If a student has a computer problem, the desktop support staff will perform basic troubleshooting functions for the student. If the computer needs hardware repair, IT will help the student arrange for repair with a certified computer repair facility.

  • Please bring all associated disks/CD’s, purchasing information, and any other documentation for the computer with you to campus to help IT help you.

  • An email account will be created for each student at UNCSA. Campus communications will be delivered via this email address. You will be responsible for checking this email account on a regular basis.

  • If a student arrives on campus with a computer without a Network Interface Card (NIC), the IT Department will advise the student on what to purchase and also assist in the installation of the card. Please be advised that NIC cards do not always install into an older computer easily.