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 Telecommunications Services
User Manuals


Phone Type: M5008


Phone Type: M5208


Phone Type: M5316


Phone Features

General Dialing Instructions:

  • Station-to-Station Dial last 4 digits of telephone number
  • Local Calls Dial 9 + 7-digit telephone number
  • Long Distance Dial authorization code* + area code + 7-digit number
  • International Calls Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code (if applicable) + local telephone number
  • Personal Long Distance Dial 9 + 0 + area code and 7-digit number
  • Emergency Service Dial 55
*Contact Telecommunications for your authorization code

Feature Action Code:

  • Call Forward-Variable Activate *72
  • Call Forward-Variable Cancel *73
  • Call Pickup *77
  • Speed Calling - Long List *75 (*00-*29)
  • Speed Calling - Short List *74 (*0-*9)

Call Transfer:

Depress switchhook button. Listen for Special Dial Tone. Dial third number. Announce call to third party. Hang up.

If the third number is busy or does not answer, depress the switchhook button twice to return to your original caller.

Three-Way Conference:

To add a third party to an existing call: Depress switchhook button. Listen for Special Dial Tone. Dial third number. When party answers, depress switchhook button. All three parties are now connected.

To consult with third party: Depress switchhook button. Listen for Special Dial Tone. Dial third number. Consult privately.

To Return to held party: Depress the switchhook button twice. Resume conversation.

Call Forward - All Calls:

To Activate: Dial * 72. Listen for Special Dial Tone. Dial telephone number. Listen for Conformation Tone. Hang up.

To Cancel: Dial * 73. Listen for Confirmation Tone. Hang up.

Call Pickup:

To Pickup another ringing telephone in your group: Lift handset. Dial * 77.

Speed Call Short List:

To Program or Change list: Lift handset. Dial * 74 and listen for Special Dial Tone. Dial one digit Speed Calling Code (0-9). Dial telephone number ( include "9" + area code, if needed). Depress the " # " symbol. Listen for Confirmation Tone. Repeat these steps to program up to 10 numbers.

To Call a number on the list: Lift handset. Dial * , the one digit Speed Calling code, and the " # " symbol.

(To program without SPD CALL key)
 Lift the handset. (You will hear dial tone).
Dial the Speed Call Short List programming code (You  will hear a special dial tone).
 Dial the single-digit code (0-9) by which the
number is to be stored.
 Dial the complete number to be stored and press #.
 Repeat steps 1 through 4 to add up to 10

(To place a call using the Speed Call Feature)
 Lift the handset.
 Dial "*" and the single-digit code assigned to the
stored number 0 through 9.
 Dial #. (The number is automatically dialed).

Check Voice Mail from Off-Campus

From any off-campus phone, dial (336) 770-1240 and follow the directions.

When asked for a 'mailbox number' enter your seven digit work number.