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High School Music Program

To earn the UNCSA high school diploma, high school students must meet the academic course and credit requirements of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. These academic requirements are similar to the diploma requirements at traditional public and private high schools, and offers college prepretory classes. Specific information about academic graduation requirements is available in the High School Academic Program section of the Bulletin.

Some high school musicians are undecided if they want to pursue a music career, UNCSA's programs allows the students to experience what it would be like to major in music, and enables them to meet music professionals. Whether students continue formal music studies following high school graduation or not the time management, team work, and diligence learned at UNCSA will help them in any endeavor they pursue.

Required music instruction includes weekly lessons and master classes where they are mixed with college students and students in different high school grades. Chamber music and large ensembles may be assigned by the major teacher as appropriate. Students in 11th and 12th grades are required to enroll in Music Theory &
Musicianship, Aural Skills, or Music Literature & Analysis, as assigned by the theory faculty.

Successful completion of the two-semester Music Theory & Musicianship sequence, as well as satisfactory progress in individual performance instruction is required for a student to receive the designation “Concentration in Music” on their high school diploma.

Course Descriptions and Requirements

Specific requirements for each instrument concentration is detailed in the UNCSA High School Bulletin.


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