Undergraduate Cello

Undergraduate Cello

As a student in the undergraduate cello program at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, you will develop your skills as a musician in a conservatory environment surrounded by musicians like you, dedicated to mastering their instrument.

Bachelor of Music

The conservatory experience engages you in weekly private lessons with your major teacher who will help you build foundational skills and explore your own artistic choices. Of equal importance are your weekly studio master classes, where, through collaboration with your peers, you will perform and analyze performances, learning to see yourself through the work of your colleagues. These studio classes, along with your many performances, aim to truly make you at home on the stage. Performance opportunities at UNCSA are many. You will participate in chamber groups and large ensembles, performances in community venues and recitals.

First–Second Years
In your first two years of undergraduate cello degree study, you will begin private lessons, master classes and orchestra or ensemble performances while studying the foundations of music theory, aural and keyboard skills and musical styles. You will pursue liberal arts courses in English, math or science, and the humanities. In your freshman through junior years, you are also required to attend a weekly Performance Hour, where music students perform and experience different musical genres, styles, and instruments.

Third–Fourth Years
Your studies will continue in your third and fourth years with additional liberal arts courses, music history and career development classes. In Year Four, you will fulfill your capstone graduation requirement, a full recital at both a juried recital hearing and a public performance.



Graduates of the string program have careers in teaching and performance around the world, including teaching positions at the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Alaska Fairbanks, members of the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, the New York Philharmonic and Nero String Quartet, a Grammy-nominated first violinist of a Brazilian quartet, and musicians in regional and international ensembles.

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