Residency Appeal Procedures

Residency Appeal Procedures

In accordance with the requirements of the North Carolina State Residency Manual, the Chancellor has established the University’s Residency Appeals Board. The Residency Appeals Board has been delegated the responsibility of reviewing and ruling on residency determinations when a student requests an appeal on the determination of their residency status.

Appeal Procedures

Any enrolled UNCSA student who is unsatisfied with the residency determination may appeal the decision to the Residency Appeals Board. The grounds for appeal to the Residency Appeals Board are:

  • That the residency decision was made in disregard of or mistake with reference to the requirements of law or manual provisions;
  • That manual provisions as written do not address the present issue presented by the residency decision;
  • That manual provisions conflict with subsequently developed case law pertinent to the residency decision; and/or
  • That the residency decision is not supported by the evidence of record.

A Statement of Appeal form (also available in the Dean of Students Office) must be submitted to the Residency Appeals Board Chair (Dean of Students) within ten (10) days of the date of the decision letter.

Students, or parent/legal guardian in the case of a high school student, must provide multiple days and times that they are available to make a personal appearance before the Residency Appeals Board; however, his or her presence is not mandatory. Once a day/time has been set, the student or parent/legal guardian will be notified of the appeal hearing.

The Residency Appeals Board may request the appearance of any person believed to have information pertinent to the inquiry, including the Director of Admissions. The petitioner may not present additional written evidence prior to or at the hearing in his or her behalf as all documentation was to have been submitted with the Residency Application.

Decisions of the Residency Appeals Board will be by a majority of the Board present and voting. A hearing will not be conducted unless at least three members are present.

The Chair will inform the petitioner by mail of the Residency Appeals Board’s decision and the reason(s) for the decision. If the Board makes a decision adverse to the student, the student will also be informed that the decision may be appealed to the State Residency Board, and the procedure to be followed to institute such an appeal.

The Residency Appeals Board will inform the Registrar, Director of Admissions, Office of Business Affairs, and Office of Financial Aid of its decision if residency is granted. A copy of the Residency Appeals Board’s letter to the student will be included in the student's permanent folder.