Student Accounts

Student Accounts office is comprised of three areas:

  • Student Accounts Office is responsible for all student billings.
  • Cashier’s Office is responsible for the receipting and depositing of all University related funds.
  • Perkins Loan Servicing Center houses and maintains records for the NDSL Federal Perkins Fund and also collects payments.
Account Billing Inquiry

Bills are not mailed. An email is sent to  students' UNCSA email address notifying them bills can be viewed in TouchNet  portal.

Login to TouchNet

Paying Your Bill

Pay your bills online or using other payment options. You will be charged a 2.75% convenience fee for credit card transactions.

Pay my bill


Billing Information

Bills for spring semester 2018 were sent to students and high school parents the week of Dec. 5, 2017 and are due on Jan. 2, 2018. Employees of an institution within the University of North Carolina attending UNCSA with a tuition waiver must submit their completed request to the Student Accounts Office no later than Jan. 11.

The billing schedule for the 2018-2019 academic year will be posted by the end of March.

Begin enrolling for the plan in May using the following link to estimate your costs:

Meal Plans Subject to N.C. Sales Tax

Meal Plans and campus food transactions are subject to N.C. Sales Tax as a direct result of legislature. Sales tax for Meal Plans will now appear on your bills as a separate item.  You will not be charged additional tax when you make food purchases using your Meal Plan during the term. To learn more regarding the sales tax legislation, click here.

175 Meals/semester for Undergraduate & Graduate  $1,565 / semester    +105.64 sales tax
All Access/semester for Undergraduate & Graduate  $2,251 / semester +151.94 sales tax
10 Meals/Week – High School commuter $1,639 / semester +110.63 sales tax
All Access – High School living on campus $2,350.50 / semester +158.66 sales tax 

Payment Options


E-Check available and no fee! An eCheck is a payment that you make directly from your bank account.  Login to TouchNet to make e-check payments.

Credit Cards

We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover Credit Cards online. You will be charged a 2.75% convenience fee. No credit card payment  is taken via the phone. Log in to Touchnet's secure website where you can pay your balance or view your account activity.

Wire Transfer

Domestic Students:
When wiring within the U.S.

  • Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, NA
  • City, State: San Francisco, CA
  • ABA #: 121000248
  • Account Number: 2062690003453
  • Beneficiary: NC Department of State Treasurer
  • Reference Line: UNC School of the Arts

Important Notes:

  • Include Student’s Full Name and E-Z Arts ID, if applicable, on the wire transfer.
  • Ensure you or your bank notifies Student Accounts that the transfer has taken place via email at, fax: (336) 770-1413 or phone: (336) 770-1416.

International Students:


  • To get started, select the country from which funds will be coming and the payment amount in US dollars you wish to make to your student bill.
  • In most cases, the US dollar amount will be converted into your home currency at preferential exchange rates, which will translate into savings for you.
  • After providing some additional basic information, you will book the transaction and will be instructed via email on how to pay Flywire from your home country bank account.
  • Flywire will then forward the US dollar amount to UNCSA where it will be directly credited to your student billing account.
  • You will receive an email to confirm receipt of payment.
  • At any time, you will have a dedicated customer service team reachable via chat, Skype, email and phone to answer any of your questions.

Check, money order, cashier's check

In Person
At the school cashier’s office, located on the second floor of the Welcome center

By mail
UNCSA Student Accounts Office
1533 South Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

Payment Plan

Pay your tuition and fees in installments over the course of the term by enrolling in a Tuition Payment Plan.  Plans are available online today.

 Payment Plan

Begin enrolling for the plan in May using the following link to estimate your costs: Estimated Fall 2017 Tuition, Fees, Housing and Meal Plans

Financial Aid

Contact UNCSA Financial Aid Office.

Perkins Loan Center

The Perkins Loan Service Center is a sub-division of the Student Accounts Office. This area is responsible for the collection and servicing of Perkins Loans. Our servicer, EFG Technologies handles the billing of the loans.

Student Loan Deferments 

You may defer (delay) payments on your loan by submitting forms completed and certified for any one of the following categories:

  • While enrolled and in attendance as at least a half-time student at an institution of higher education or comparable institution approved for this purpose by the Secretary.
  • While enrolled and in attendance as a regular student in a course of study that is part of a graduate fellowship program approved by the Secretary.
  • While engaged in graduate or post-graduate fellowship-supported study outside the United States.
  • While enrolled and in attendance in a course of study that is part of a rehabilitation-training program for disabled individuals.

Deferments are not granted in advance. Postponements and forbearances may be granted to loan recipients who file a request form.


Any financial aid refund (financial aid in excess of institutional charges), other than PLUS Loans, is disbursed to the student. PLUS loan proceeds are refunded to the parents unless prior arrangements with the financial aid office are made, in order for the student to receive the check.

Credit balances less than $10 will not be refunded.

Electronic Refunds


Log in and register to have your refund deposited directly into your account electronically.

Funds will be available approximately 7 calendar days from the first day of classes, provided the student is registered and attending classes.

If you do not sign up for electronic refunds a check will be mailed to your permanent address. 

Withdrawal Policy

Attendance is counted from the first day of required attendance in a term. Fractions of a week count as a full week. No refunds will be made following the fourth week. Exceptions to the policy may be reviewed by the Tuition and Fees Appeals Committee. Refunds of less than $10 will not be issued. Rates are adjusted as follows:

  • Through 1st week: 90%
  • Through 2nd week: 80%
  • Through 3rd week: 60%
  • Through 4th week: 40%
  • After 4th week: 0%

Note: Does Not Apply to Summer School

UNCSA will prorate institutional charges for Federal Title IV aid recipients based on the percentage of the term completed, calculated by dividing the number of calendar days the student attended in the term by the total number of calendar days in the term. Title IV financial aid recipients will be charged for a percentage of the term equal to the percentage of aid they “earned”. After completing more than 60 percent of the term as calculated above, the student will have “earned” 100 percent of his/her institutional charges, as well as his/her Title IV financial aid.

If a student withdraws or cancels registration before the first day of classes, no financial aid will be disbursed, and the student will be responsible for any charges he/she may owe.

Suspension or Unofficial Withdrawal
Students who are suspended for disciplinary reasons or who do not formally withdraw are not eligible for a refund of tuition or fees.

Contacts & Hours

Matt Horvat, Bursar
Phone: 336-770-3307
Fax: 336-770-1413

Shalon Vogler, Assistant Bursar
Phone: 336-770-3345
Fax: 336-770-1413

Sandie Pegues, Accountant
Phone: 336-770-3309
Fax: 336-770-1413

Char-Lay Douglas, Accounting Technician
Phone: 336-770-1465
Fax: 336-770-1413

Angela Newton, Accounting Technician
Phone: 336-770-3316
Fax: 336-770-1413

Business Hours
(Summer hours may differ and are posted at the beginning of summer term)

  • Cashier’s window: 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Student Accounts office: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Office Telephone Number: 336-770-1416
Student Accounts is located on the 2nd floor in the Welcome Center Building.