Process & Deadlines for Contract Reappointment Evaluation


 Task Responsible Party

By Apr 1

Notification of Faculty

Faculty Affairs

By Sept 15

External Reviewer Nomination Form Due*


By Oct 1

Contract Reappointment Evaluation Dossier Due to Faculty Affairs

  • The Candidate uploads their Contract Reappointment Evaluation Dossier materials to Interfolio ByCommittee.

  • The Candidate will retain access to the dossier so that they may view it but will not be able to add to, delete from or in any other way modify the dossier once it is submitted.

  • Additional materials can be uploaded to Interfolio ByCommittee by the Candidate at any time.  However, material submitted after a stated dossier submission deadline does not affect subsequent deadlines and does not cause the Peer Review Committee, the Dean or the Provost to be obligated to re-evaluate the Candidate. 


By Oct 15

Peer Review Committee Membership Finalized

  • The Candidate’s Peer Review Committee is finalized.

  • Peer Review Committees consist of three Candidates holding at least a second 3-year contract elected by the standing faculty of the school/division.

  • Faculty applying for rank promotion or undergoing Contract Reappointment Evaluation or Mid 10-Year Review are not eligible for committee membership.

Office of the Dean

By Oct 15

External Reviewers Approved*

  • The Dean will work with the Candidate to select a minimum of three external reviewers from whom reviews will be solicited.
  • At least one approved reviewer will be from the External Reviewer Nomination Form for Contract Reappointment Evaluation submitted by the Candidate. The second candidate will be selected jointly by the Dean and the Candidate, and may or may not be drawn from the submitted list.  It is the Dean’s discretion to select the final reviewer from the submitted list, or an external reviewer of his/her own choosing.
  • If the list does not provide a sufficient number of approved reviewers, the Candidate and the Dean will add additional names until a sufficient number of external reviewers are approved.
  • Reference the External Review Guidelines for Candidates & Deans for Contract Reappointment Evaluation and External Reviews FAQ for details regarding policy and procedure.

Candidate & Dean

By Oct 20

Request for an External Review Letters Sent to Potential External Reviewers*

  1. External Reviewer Evaluation for Contract Reappointment Evaluation
  2. the Candidate’s dossier

Office of the Dean

By Oct 20

Office of the Dean Submits Peer Review Committee Roster



Office of the Dean

By Dec 15

Peer Review Committee Evaluation & Recommendation Due

Peer Review Committee Chair

By Dec 15

External Review Letters Due to Dean

External Reviewers upload the External Reviewer Evaluation for Contract Reappointment Evaluation to Interfolio ByCommittee.

External Reviewers

By Jan 15

Dean Meets with Peer Review Committee

The Dean meets with the Peer Review Committee to discuss its evaluation of the Candidate.

Office of the Dean & Peer Review Committee

By Feb 10

Dean Meets with Candidate to Discuss Contract Reappointment Evaluation

  • Candidate’s Contract Reappointment Evaluation Dossier, including External Review letters*, the Peer Review Committee Evaluation & Recommendation and the Dean’s Evaluation & Recommendation, are reviewed and discussed with the Candidate.
  • Candidate signs the Acknowledgement Statement for Contract Reappointment Evaluation acknowledging reviewing the file and discussing it with the Dean. 

Office of the Dean & Candidate

By Feb 15

Dean’s Evaluation & Recommendation, External Review Documents & Acknowledgement Statement Due  

The Office of the Dean uploads the following documents to Interfolio ByCommittee:

  1. Dean’s Evaluation & Recommendation for Contract Reappointment Evaluation
  2. Final List of External Reviewers for Contract Reappointment Evaluation
  3. Any Request for External Review Letters not already uploaded.
  4. Acknowledgement Statement for Contract Reappointment Evaluation signed by the Candidate

Office of the Dean

By Apr 1

Deadline to Convene Faculty Reappointment Advisory Committee

The Provost must convene the Faculty Reappointment Advisory Committee in cases of a negative recommendation from the Dean or the Peer Review Committee.

(Faculty Affairs)

By May 3

Provost’s Decision on Contract Reappointment Due to Candidate

  • The Provost provides a written decision to reappoint or not reappoint to the Candidate and Dean.
  • Faculty Affairs emails the Provost’s decision to the Candidate with a cc to the Office of the Dean.

(Faculty Affairs)

*Applies to 5-Year and 10-Year Contract Reappointments only.