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Branding Guidelines

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Branding Guidelines


The campus of UNCSA functions in a striking and distinct way. UNCSA serves as an umbrella for five conservatories, each focusing on its own unique arts discipline. Within each of these conservatories, students receive training that not only challenges them to grow as artists, but also prepares them to actively contribute to the modern creative economy.

Additionally, the collaboration that exists between UNCSA’s conservatories serves as an important distinguishing attribute. This collaborative environment encourages students to excel in their pursuits, while nurturing their appreciation for the craftsmanship of their peers.

The UNCSA visual identity aspires to embrace the collaborative nature of the arts, a core value of this institution. The wordmark consists of individual shapes which come together to form a compelling and classic mark. This approach represents the way in which conservatories work together to produce singular works, just as students and faculty cooperatively work toward creative excellence.

Inspired by Didone or modern style typography, the mark’s aesthetic carries an air of refinement consistent with UNCSA’s heritage, while aligning with the forward- thinking attitude the university has always exhibited.