School of Filmmaking Orientation

We are looking forward to meeting you when you arrive on campus on August 15, 2017 for College Orientation. Specific orientation schedules will be added at a later date or you will receive a schedule when you arrive on campus.

Summer Reading: Study for Safety Exam

Before you are allowed to crew on any productions, you must pass a comprehensive safety exam. Therefore, between now and when you arrive on campus, you should study the highlighted sections of the School of Filmmaking Handbook

School of Filmmaking Handbook

What to bring to campus

Filmmaking students will need to bring specific computer equipment and purchase software to be used in the classroom, as well as, safety equipment. Links to educational discounts are included in the packing lists:

Undergraduate Packing List

Graduate Packing List

UNCSA administration and the School of Filmmaking uses the University’s email system as the primary means of communicating with you. Check your email daily for information or updates.