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 General Information

One Card Uses
Deposit Locations
Lost or Found Cards
Care of Your Card
Policies and Procedures
Faculty/Staff One Card Authorization Form
Specific Access Request
Reporting Problems with a Card Swipe
Request for Additional Services or Equipment
Procedural Guidelines for the One Card Office

The One Card is the only official form of identification at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Your One Card acts as your school ID, access card, meal plan card and prepaid flexible spending account for campus purchases & services. It should be carried at all times and must be presented for access to campus facilities, services, campus sponsored events, and more.

All new students obtain their card during the registration process or at all other times in the One Card Office. Replacement cards cost $15 and are obtained in the One Card Office.

Office hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00 pm

Hanes Student Commons Building (Ground level next to the computer lab)


Jeremy Grice, One Card Manager
Phone: (336) 770-1429
Fax: (336) 770-3350

Carol Cooper, Director of Auxiliary Services
Phone: (336) 734-2880
Fax: (336) 770-3350

One Card Uses

With security readers on most doors, we offer a level of convenience and security that could not be provided with a conventional keyed system. Your card carries the details of your meal plan and has a prepaid flexible spending account feature that makes purchases on campus convenient, fast and easy. The money deposited into the flexible spending account is called Pickle Dollars.  (Cash cannot be drawn on the account.)


  • Academic Building Access
  • Residential Buildings
  • Dining Hall
  • Fitness Center

Pickle Dollars Locations

  • Computer Lab Printer
  • Copy Machines
  • Dining Hall
  • Health Services
  • Laundry Machines
  • Library Café
  • Mail Center
  • Pickle Jar / Snack Bar
  • P.O.D. Market
  • Student Activities
  • The What
  • UNCSA Police
  • Vending Machines

Meal Plan Locations

  • Dining Hall
  • Library Café
  • Pickle Jar / Snack Bar
  • P.O.D. Market
Deposit Locations

To deposit into your One Card Pickle Dollars account no minimum deposit is required. Deposited funds are available immediately. You can add money to your Pickle Dollars account at the following locations:

  • Library Kiosk located in the Library near the checkout desk
  • Mail Center Kiosk located in the Mail Center next to the ATM
  • Pickle Jar Kiosk located in the Pickle Jar near the exit doors
  • E/F Laundry Kiosk located in E/F Laundry Room on the dryer side

        Only CASHmay be deposited at the locations above. *
Money is added by inserting $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 bills into the machine,  swiping your One Card and following the on screen instructions.

  • One Card Office
    Located in the Hanes Student Commons Building
    Cash and Check - Checks should be made payable to UNCSA One Card.
    Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

    Parents may add funds by sending a check to (deposits cannot be made on-line or over the phone):

                                    One Card Office*
                                    1533 South Main Street
                                    Winston-Salem, NC 27127

    *Please make sure you include your student’s name and that the check is for their Pickle Dollars account.  Checks should be made payable to UNCSA One Card. The One Card Staff will send the student an email to inform them that a check for a certain amount has been deposited into their Pickle Dollars account.

Lost or Found Cards

Lost or found cards must be reported immediately to the One Card Office during regular business hours (M-F, 9am to 5pm). The lost card replacement fee is $15, payable by Pickle Dollars, cash or check.

A temporary card can be issued by UNCSA Police from 5pm to 9am Monday thru Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. The temporary card must be returned to the One Card Office the next business day after issuance. If the temporary card is lost a fee of $20 will be assessed to replace it.

Care of Your Card

At the time that a card is issued, a plastic clip is attached to the One Card. One Cards that are attached to lanyards or key rings should be attached via the metal clip. Failure to attach a card to a metal clip will cause the area around the hole to break. This is not normal wear and tear and you will be charged $15 to get a new One Card.

  • The One Card should be treated as any bank issued credit or debit card.
  • The One Card should be kept away from other card’s magnetic stripes, and from all magnetic fields. Also be careful about placing the magnetic stripe on the back of card against anything electronic such as a cell phone. This may cause the card to become de-magnetized and not work.
  • The One Card should not be bent, scratched or used to pry locks open. 
  • The One Card should be treated like cash.
  • The One Card should be treated like a driver’s license and not be defaced or altered in any way.
Policies and Procedures

The UNCSA One Card is a multipurpose card that provides the following features:

  • Campus photo identification - All students, faculty, and staff are required to have their One Card with them while they are on campus. In the event of a campus emergency or national alert, the administration reserves the right to REQUIRE everyone to wear their UNCSA ONE CARD in a clearly visible area.
  • Meal plan - Upon entering the Dining Hall, your One Card will be swiped through the register to verify meal plan. (No meal plan? Purchase meals with Pickle Dollars ,  cash, or Visa/MC).
  • Building access - Your One Card is required to accessmost buildings on campus. Access plans are assigned to your card to permit your access per the program you are attending.
  • Library and Health Services – Your One Card provides identification for quick service at the library and Health Services.
  • Pickle Dollars, a  prepaid flexible spending account - allows you to make a variety of purchases on campus. Pickle Dollars  are used like cash and are accepted at the Dining Hall, the Pickle Jar (snack bar), P.O.D. Market, Library Café, Health Services, Mail Center, Student Affairs, UNCSA Police, vending machines, and laundry machines (a discount is given on washing).The What and Library copiers currently only accept Pickle Dollars . The Computer Lab printer will only accept Pickle Dollars or Pickle Prints. Pickle Dollars can also be used to pay for various trips and functions sponsored by Student Activities.
    • To start the academic year, every student receives $5 in Pickle Prints to use for copiers and printers in the Computer Lab and the Library. Once the Pickle Prints account is depleted, students will have to use Pickle Dollars to make copies or to print.

Since your One Card is a prepaid flexible spending account card, it must maintain a balance, if you wish to make purchases. You can add money to your Pickle Dollars account at the One Card Office or one of the Kiosks which are located in the Mail Center Lobby, Pickle Jar, E/F Laundry room and the Library. Adding money at the Kiosk is done by inserting $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 bills into the machine and following the onscreen instructions. Pickle Dollars  balance can be checked at any reader when a purchase is made or at one of the kiosk machines.

    • The money (Pickle Dollars) you put on your card may only be used to make purchases on campus. You cannot withdraw cash from your card.
    • Academic Year students -  the Pickle Dollars  balance on your One Card will carry over from semester to semester and year to year, for as long as you are a student. Upon graduation or withdrawal from UNCSA, any Pickle Dollars account balance of $25 or higher will be eligible for a refund provided you complete a One Card Refund Request form and Taxpayer ID form. You must apply at the One Card Office for a refund at the end of semester in which you graduate or at any other time during the semester if you officially separate from UNCSA.  Refunds will not be received until all school fees are paid in full. All refund checks will be mailed to the payee. Refunds take approximately 2 months for processing.

  • If you lose your One Card, immediately contact the One Card Office (UNCSA Campus Police when the One Card Office is closed.) The Pickle Dollars  on your card could be used by anyone who finds your card until it is disabled. The fee for replacing a lost or damaged card is $15.00.  The fee for replacing a lost temporary card is $20.00. You may pay for the lost card with cash, check, or Pickle Dollars.  A fee of $25 is charged for all returned checks.

The One Card Office is located on the lower level of the Hanes Student Commons building between the Computer Lab and the Kenan Student Life Center. You can contact the One Card Office at (336) 770-1429 from 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  After hours, any One Card problems should be directed to the UNCSA Police Department, phone number (336) 770-3321.

Faculty / Staff One Card Authorization Form

Please complete the form (pdf file) available below. The completed authorization form must be emailed, faxed (770-3350) or hand delivered by the individual authorizing the access to the One Card Office. For security reasons, the new card holder may not deliver the form. Please submit the One Card Authorization form as soon as you are issued an id number. This will allow time to process the request.  All new card holders must present a picture ID to receive their One Card.

** Whenever a person moves to another department or their access needs change, a new authorization must be completed and sent to the One Card Office.

** Temporary or contract employees will need a new One Card Authorization form completed each year with a new expiration date and time.

Faculty/Staff One Card Authorization Form

Specific Access Request

When a group or individual needs a specific request, the department should complete a One Card Department Access Request form and email the form to the One Card Office. The form must include the CWIDs (if applicable), full names and specific details including dates and times of activation and expiration of request.

One Card Department Access Request Form
When an office or department wants to suspend or re-establish access for all their students, faculty or staff, the appropriate individual needs to submit an email to

Requests to change the hours that a building is locked or unlocked should be directed to UNCSA Police.

Reporting Problems with a Card Swipe

Please report all card swipe issues to The One Card office will investigate the issue and ascertain if it is a card reader or door issue. The proper repair person will be dispatched at that time by the One Card office.

Request for Additional Services or Equipment

To have additional services or equipment considered, please email before any decisions are made. The request will be evaluated by the One Card staff, IT and Facilities Services to see if the request is feasible and report back to the office or department. Requests involving changing or adding equipment should be submitted at least 6 months prior to need.