Welcome to UNCSA's new Online Information Resource!

E-Z ARTS is our name for this higher education institutional tool with integrated services from the major administrative areas within the campus. Many of you have already used this service to review your payroll information. We are implementing the student services portion of Banner. Your same E-Z ARTS ID will help you access student and course information which is related to your role as a faculty member and an advisor.

New to E-Z ARTS?

If you are new to this service and have never accessed your personal payroll information, you will need your new ID number consisting of a "96" in the beginning, followed by 7 additional digits. (Your academic department contact will have your ID number.) Your PIN will also be different in E-Z ARTS. When you log into secure services for the first time, you will use your new E-Z ARTS ID and as your PIN, your birthday in the format 'mmddyy'. You will be prompted to change your PIN to a secret one. Please do not share your login information with anyone. It grants access to view and update some of your personal information, along with confidential student data.

Faculty Services (E-Z ARTS Secure Login)
View personal payroll data, student and course information, plus more...

Course Section Search
Search for course sections by when and where they are offered.

Blackboard e-Education Platform

Faculty Email Web Access
Access campus email while you are on the web.

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Questions or comments? Please email: E-ZARTS_support@uncsa.edu