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UNCSA Mailing Address
Package Notices
Forwarding Mail Boxes
Protect Your Mail
Frequently Asked Questions

UNCSA provides a full service mail center located on the lower level of the Hanes Student Commons. The office is responsible for delivering all U.S. mail and inter-departmental mail to students, faculty and staff. The Mail Center offers U.S. Post Office services such as stamp sales, as well as UPS and Federal Express shipping options.

Each student is assigned a mailbox that serves as the student’s official campus address. The student’s UNCSA mailbox is used for all correspondence with the exception of grades or tuition bills. Financial aid, graduation and registration information are examples of important campus mailings that are distributed to mailboxes.

Once assigned, a student's box number remains unchanged throughout the student's academic career unless one of these situations occurs:

  • Student informs the school they are not returning
  • Student is not invited back for the next term
  • Student is absent or withdraws from a term
  • Student graduates

U.S. mail is distributed to the mailboxes by noon Monday through Friday. Mail distribution may be delayed on Mondays and following holidays or official school closings as the volume of incoming mail is much greater. Campus mail is distributed throughout the day as it is received.

Students should always close and secure their mailbox door. Loss or damage to mail in unsecured boxes is the responsibility of the student.

UNCSA Mailing Address

When receiving mail, the item should be addressed as follows:

UNCSA Box _________
1533 South Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27127-2738

Using the correct mailing addresses will ensure mail and package arrive in a timely manner.


Students will receive the combinations for their mailbox when they check in as a new student. Students are encouraged to put their combination in their cell phone. Combinations are also available via the Web of Students.  

Directions for using the combination:

Step 1 – Start on the first # in the combination. Turn LEFT four times & stop the fourth time at that number.

Step 2 – Now, turn RIGHT & pass the second # in the combination once & stop on the second number the second time around.

Step 3 -  Turn LEFT directly to the third # in the combination.

Step 4 -  Now turn RIGHT a really hard to open


The Mail Center hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (additional times to accommodate incoming students during registration and holiday schedules)

Students have access to their mailbox any time the Hanes Student Commons is open.

Package Notices

Notices are written and distributed to the mailboxes when a package arrives. Notices will also be given for items that require a signature, pieces which specify "do not bend", or mailboxes with excessive amounts of mail. The notice and  student’s One Card must be presented at the mail center window to receive any of these pieces.  Students will be required to sign for packages. Packages, if small enough, will be placed in the student’s mailbox.

Forwarding Mail

For Students Who Are Graduating or Leaving UNCSA
A student’s mailbox will close at the end of the Spring Term. Therefore, the student will need to inform the Mail Center of a forwarding address. Only first class mail will be forwarded. The Mail Center cannot forward magazines or catalogs. Students who graduate or will not return to UNCSA will have personal first class mail forwarded for one year. Any mail that cannot be forwarded will be returned.

When graduating or leaving UNCSA, it is the students’ responsibility to contact family, friends, businesses, etc. to permanently change their mailing address.

For Returning Students
Students who would like their mail forwarded for the summer will need to inform the Mail Center of their temporary address. First class mail will be forwarded to the temporary address over the summer.  If students have magazine subscriptions or catalogs, they will need to notify the company. The Mail Center will not forward or hold magazines/catalogs. Any mail that cannot be forwarded will be returned.

IMPORTANT: All mail must be directed to the correct mailbox address or it will be returned to sender.

Protect Your Mail

Take the following steps to protect your mail:

1. Keep your mailbox number and combination confidential. Don’t write them down on a slip of paper that can be left behind for someone else to pick up.

2. Never give your combination to another person. This compromises your mailbox security

3. Don't preset your mailbox combination for convenience. You never know when or where a criminal will strike.

4. Most important: Spin the dial several times after closing your mailbox door. This will insure that your combination is not preset.

5. Don't let items accumulate in your mailbox.

6. Report suspicious activity to a Mail Center employee or the UNCSA Police immediately



UNCSA Mail Center
Lower Level of the Hanes Student Commons
Hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., closed on Saturday and Sunday

Elizabeth Spruill, Mail Center Manager 
Phone (336) 770-3313
Fax (336) 770-3350