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1. How should my mail be addressed?

All student mail should be addressed as follows:                          
(Student’s Name)                                                                                                                                   (Student’s UNCSA Box Number)                                                                                                   
1533 South Main Street                                                                                                                          Winston-Salem NC 27127-2738
Do not include your residence hall or room number as part of the address


All faculty/staff mail should be addressed as follows:
(Faculty of Staff Name)
(Department or Office)
University of North Carolina School of the Arts
1533 South Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC  27127-2738

2. How can I send mail on campus?

All on campus mail is delivered free of charge and should contain the following information:
                        (Student’s full name)
                        (Student’s UNCSA Box Number)
                                         –  OR –
                        (Faculty or staff person’s full name)
                        (Department or office)

Place this mail in the interoffice mail slot in the lobby of the Mail Center.

3. When can I pickup my mail?

Students have access to their mailbox whenever the Hanes Student Commons is open. Mail is usually in the student mailboxes by Noon. Packages and signature-required mail can be picked up at the window between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Mail Center is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

4. How do I mail a package?

Bring the package to the Mail Center window taped and addressed. The Mail Center staff will give you several options and prices to compare and even make suggestions if you like. They do not have packaging for sale, but the Campus Store next door has some of those supplies. A resource area has been set up in the Mail Center for individuals receiving a package to leave their empty box and packing materials for others to use. The Mail Center accepts cash, check or Pickle Dollars for payment.

5. Can I buy stamps here?

Yes! The Mail Center carries first-class, postcard and international stamps

6. Do I keep the same mailbox year after year?

As long as you remain a student, you will retain the same mailbox number.