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WINSTON-SALEM – University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) Chancellor John Mauceri today announced a half-a-million-dollar grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation of Raleigh, to fund television programming produced by UNC-TV.

The gift, $100,000 a year for five years, will expose statewide audiences to UNCSA’s talented students by broadcasting their performances over UNC-TV.

“Because of this visionary grant from the A.J. Fletcher Foundation, the next five years will be transformative for UNCSA,” said Chancellor Mauceri. “We are gratified by the Foundation’s continuing commitment to our school.

“The UNC system is unique in many ways,” Chancellor Mauceri continued. “Two of them are in having a system-wide arts conservatory, UNCSA, and another is in having a system-wide television network, UNC-TV. It seemed only natural to me that we find a way for these two institutions to work together. The Fletcher Foundation has shared in that vision, making this fantastic dream a reality. Surely this will be a tremendous way for UNCSA to say ‘thank you’ to the people of North Carolina and for our citizens throughout the state to share in the astonishing achievements of our student artists.

“As an arts conservatory, we are able to share our students’ learning outcomes with the public, on and behind stage and screen,” Mauceri noted. “Creating product for UNC-TV is a natural progression.”

Barbara Goodmon, President and Executive Director of The A.J. Fletcher Foundation, said: “We are happy to have this opportunity to share the amazing students of UNCSA with the people of North Carolina and beyond, over the medium that brings everyone together.

“It really is true that UNCSA is a jewel in the crown of North Carolina, and UNC-TV is a valuable statewide resource,” Mrs. Goodmon continued. “Building a collaborative relationship through which both organizations can shine is the right thing to do.”  Mrs. Goodmon is also a member of the UNCSA Board of Trustees.

The first performance to be broadcast by UNC-TV will be UNCSA’s all-school production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!, which played April 28-May 8 at the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem. An air date is to be determined. Future productions to be videotaped will be decided as the school’s performance calendar is set for subsequent years.

UNCSA Chancellor John Mauceri
Photo by Donald Dietz

John Mauceri

Barbara Goodman
Barbara Goodmon

Tom Howe

Tom Howe

UNC-TV Director and General Manager Tom Howe said: “We appreciate the opportunity to be able to use this ground-breaking grant to enrich the unique services to the state provided by UNC-TV and UNCSA, and to enhance North Carolina's cultural experience. UNC-TV has a rich tradition of bringing performance and cultural programming to a statewide audience, so this joint effort is a perfect fit for us.

The $500,000 grant represents the second major donation from the Fletcher Foundation to UNCSA in recent years. In order to strengthen and perpetuate A.J. Fletcher's vision for opera, the Fletcher Foundation took the unprecedented step of committing $10 million to establish an Opera Institute at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Since its establishment, the Fletcher Opera Institute at UNCSA has trained and graduated more than two dozen opera singers who have embarked on successful careers.

“We have been pleased with the steps the School of the Arts has taken to fulfill the Fletcher Opera challenge grant,” said Mrs. Goodmon, “so we were excited when Chancellor Mauceri came to us with this proposal. We are hopeful that our gift will remind the people of North Carolina how important it is to support this great school during this critical time.”  

The A.J. Fletcher Foundation supports nonprofit organizations in their endeavors to enrich the lives and well-being of people in North Carolina. The Foundation’s particular focus is on human services and education using grants and partnerships with other charitable organizations to give voice to North Carolinians who have no voice. The Foundation operates for the benefit of the Fletcher Academy, School of Achievement, Inc. and, in furtherance of a purpose of the Fletcher Academy, a class of other charitable organizations. The Foundation supports the Fletcher Academy and other public charities located in North Carolina or serving North Carolina residents that have as one of their purposes the care or support of the elderly, infirm or indigent, the promotion of education, artistic endeavors, communication arts or public recreation or the fostering of religious faith. Under the leadership of Barbara and Jim Goodmon, the Foundation aims to be a force for social progress in North Carolina, strengthening human services, giving voice to people without a voice, and shaping public policy through partnerships.

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