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April 24, 2013/For Immediate Release, high res. photos available

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(Winston-Salem) The University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) School of Filmmaking will have free public screenings of short films by its third- and fourth-year students (college juniors and seniors) on Thursday and Friday, May 2 and 3, 2013.  

Third-year films will be shown on Thursday at 7 p.m., and fourth-year films will be shown on Friday at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. All screenings will be in Main Theatre of the ACE Exhibition Complex on the UNCSA campus at 1533 South Main St. in Winston-Salem.  

Please note: Student films are not rated and may contain adult language and situations not suitable for children.

The fourth-year films are:


After killing their latest target, a pair of killers heads for the town of El Cielo to evade the law. Unbeknownst to them, however, they are pursued by the mysterious Spirit of Vengeance. During their drive, they lose the body of their victim and hit a pothole that ruins their getaway car. After a final betrayal, Red is set for his confrontation with the Spirit of Vengeance.

Director: Ted Russo

Writer: Greg Baker

Producer: Gabrielle Lui

Cinematographer: Nina Scholl

Editors: Chris Frith and Chris Joslyn

Production Designer: Charlotte Cox

Composer: Drew Denton



Two lonely souls, bored of their safe havens, venture into new worlds and share an encounter that will nurture a friendship and an everlasting legacy.

Director/writer: Austin Taylor

Screenwriter/producer: Alexander Thompson

Producer: Julia Festa

Cinematographer: Chase Schultz

Production Designer: James Heltibridle

Composer: Tom Hauser



Set in the 1800s, the Death of Eurydice tells the story of Orpheus (a prodigious pianist) and his wife, Eyrydice, a happy couple living in a sinister house.

Director: Gabriela Quiroz

Writer: Ryan Hibbett

Producers: Katelin Perry and Brandon White

Cinematographer: Chase Schultz

Editor: Christopher Frith

Production Designer: Olivia Motley

Composer: Drew Denton



A young boy reacting to the sudden death of his father is automatically placed in a home that is not prepared to care for him. Searching for answers, he lashes out violently, but Gene is only confused, not ill-intentioned. He goes looking for forgiveness.

Director: Andrew Nelson

Writer: Yotum Almor

Producer: Nathan Fennell

Cinematographer: David Robertson

Editor: Nick Rossano

Production Designer: Katie Bulla

Composer: Drew Denton



A clueless husband must confront his bitter wife’s affair with her feline lover. He must discover what she truly wants at the risk of losing his purrsonality.

Director: Darren Hummel

Cinematographer: Kevin Johnson

Editor: Micah Vassau

Production Designer: James Heltibridle

Composer: Mark Haas


A fanciful tale centered on the danse-macabre that reunites the dead and the living. A young girl learns the necessity of accepting the inevitable by meeting a man who is also being threatened by the inopportune timing of death.

Director/Writer: Gabriel Russo

Producer: Whitney Hill

Cinematographer: Cory Ring

Editor: Justin Dean

Production Designer: Amanda Cornell

Composer: Aaron Shows



In 1969, a young African girl runs away from her abusive stepfather and into the woods. There she finds two young boys living in a cabin and realizes they have been waiting for more than a hundred years for their parents to return from the Civil War, yet they never grew up. When she asks them to leave with her, the brothers are faced with a difficult decision that will change their lives forever.

Director: Ben Hall

Writers: Sam Newsome and Alexander Thompson

Producer: Julia Festa

Cinematographer: Jacob LaGuardia

Editor: Christopher Frith

Production Designer: Emma Van Halsema

Composer: Aaron Shows



A scientist places the heart of his dead wife into a new creation. When the creation comes to life, she tries to revive the old love.

Animator/director/writer: Meredith Hannah

Cinematographer: Christopher O’Leary

Editor: Emma Pearce

Production Designers: Amanda Cornell and Emma Van Helsema

Composer: Joseph Henry Miller, VI



The story of Emmanuel "Manu" Remy, an unmotivated 23-year-old expatriate living in North Carolina. Going nowhere fast, he spends his days playing soccer and goofing around with his aimless buddies. But bad becomes worse for Manu's life after his girlfriend breaks the news that she's moving, and he has an altercation with a homosexual couple that triggers a bounty of uncomfortable memories. Something inside him snaps, and his violent disposition awakens.

Director/writer: Andreas Guzman

Producer: Brandon White

Cinematographer: Walker Forshee

Editor: James Houle

Production Designer: Jubilate Cox

Composer: Mark Haas



Jake learns the perils of sex and jealous girlfriends.

Director: Andy Rakich

Writer: Nicholas Rossano

Producers: Whitney Hill and Zach Turner

Cinematographer: Eduardo Uruena

Editor: Bryce Woods

Production Designer: Kacie Craver

Composer: Tom Hauser



Germany, 1943: In an attempt to win the war, Germans scientists invent a gas that can teleport machinery anywhere. The experiment is to take place in a submarine, U-666, which mysteriously disappears at the end of the war. In present day, two men find the submarine in the mountains of North Carolina. The experiment that was lost with its crew is still alive and ready to another two lives.

Director: Jimmy Kelly

Writer: Wesley Broome

Producer: Konstantin Sumtsev

Cinematographer: Chris O’Leary

Editor: Aaron Greenbaum

Production Designer: Aaron Kelly

Composer: Andrew Denton



Mark and Jennifer decide to adopt a baby, but when Jennifer travels to pick up the newborn, she is killed in a car accident. After Mark identifies his wife’s body and collects her remains, he is presented with the baby and must decide whether to go through with the adoption alone.

Director/writer: Julie Zografos Koegel

Producers: Julia Festa, Daniel Parra and Bernice Miller

Cinematographer: David Robertson

Editor: Chris Joslyn

Production Designer: Taylor Dennis

Composer: Mark Haas


The third-year films are:



Annah leaves her underground colony to see something she never has: the light of day. But it becomes a game of survival for both Annah and her new-found foes.

Director: Auggie Heschmeyer

Writer: Adam Maitland

Producer: Char-Lay Douglas

Cinematographer: Adam Weiner

Editor: Kesleigh Jones

Production Designer: Drew Sanders

Composers: William Perry and David Vess



James is a young boy who has recently lost his caring mother and now lives alone with his emotionally distant father. He learns about humanity and family from the most unlikely of companions, his robot butler Baldwin.

Director: Jeremiah Cullen

Writer: Sam Newsome

Producer: Ashlee Franklin

Cinematographer: Joseph Blankinship

Editor: Ryan Heefner

Production Designer: Emilee Cox

Composer: Jacob Shrum



Director: Adam Maitland

Writer: Auggie Heschmeyer

Producer: Katelin Perry

Cinematographer: Claire Busic

Editor: Patrick Kolb

Production Designer: Tori Lancaster

Composer: Zack Dye 


After living a life of apathy off her brother’s good graces, Dana awakes to a phone call regarding a job opportunity that could turn her life around. But before she can make a decision, she discovers the unconscious body of a woman that looks exactly like her, sending her life in a strange direction.

Director: Thomas Haufe

Writer: Justin Dean

Producers: Josh Barker and Mitch Rumfelt

Cinematographer: Drew Taylor

Editor: Morgan Westberry

Production Designer: Kacie Craver



Set in 1979, FORTUNE is the story of Jack Caddington, head of the Fortune Commune, a zealous cult built on Jack's visions of the future. When his validity is questioned he must choose between losing his many devotees and the the love he never thought he could have.

Director: Preston Jeter

Writer: Zach Turner

Producer: Adam Payton

Cinematographer: David Iverson

Editor: Nathan Swann

Composer: Kyle May 


Director: Alexander Thompson

Writers: Austin Elliott and Alexander Thompson

Producers: Mitch Rumfelt and Josh Barker

Cinematographer: Harper Alexander

Editor: Jacob Highland

Production Designer: Jubilate Cox

Composer: Nate Fenwick Smith



Landon and Allen have been best friends since elementary school. As they grow older, they continue to make an effort to return to the place where their friendship started. Shown throughout three decades,  these once inseparable friends begin to grow further apart as their lives pull them in different directions.

Director: Caitlin Hemm

Writer: Noah Smith

Producers: Brittany Brock and Zach Turner

Cinematographer: Ryan Neese

Production Designer: Mo Briggs

Composer: Jacob Shrum



When a worn out veteran inherits his old boxing coach's gym, a challenge for its ownership reignites his will to fight.

Director/writer: Ian Michael Gullett

Producer: Bernice Miller

Cinematographer: Caleb Tou

Production Designer: Nathan Krochmal

Editor: David Harris

 Composer: Kyle May


Director: Peter Bowlin

Writers: Wesley Broome and Micah Vassau

Producer: Justin Hoover

Cinematographer: Taylor George

Editor: Mark Diaz

Production Designer: Zelda Vyssotsky

Composer: Zack Dye



Two young brothers, Elliot and Luke are stuck at home with their depressed mother after their father dies. They only have each other, but Luke becomes a bully as he tries to be man of the house. Elliot decides to finish building a pair of wings that he and his father started to building together before he passed away. He brings in the wings to school for show and tell day, but only gets laughed at. Tired of feeling trapped, Elliot takes the wings to the top of the school to discover whether or not they will work. Will this daring act inspire the family to come back together once again?

Director: Adam Perry

Writer: Ryan Hibbett

Producer: Tay Nikonovich

Cinematographer: Chase DuBose

Production Designer: Emily Leising

Editor: James McDonough

Composer: Nate Fenwick Smith

As America’s first state-supported arts school, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts is a unique stand-alone public university of arts conservatories. With a high school component, UNCSA is a degree-granting institution that trains young people of talent in music, dance, drama, filmmaking, and design and production. Established by the N.C. General Assembly in 1963, the School of the Arts opened in Winston-Salem (“The City of Arts and Innovation”) in 1965 and became part of the University of North Carolina system in 1972. For more information, visit www.uncsa.edu.