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WINSTON-SALEM – The University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) and the Thomas S. Kenan Institute of the Arts have opened registration for UNCSA’s 2013 summer professional development programs for adult learners. Entitled “Going All Art,” the summer session includes courses in scenic design, stage combat, workshops for teachers and more. Additional summer programs for musicians, the Magnolia Baroque Institute and the Music Academy of the American South will be announced soon.

Online registration has begun. The priority registration deadline, which guarantees a place in a program, is May 1 for most programs. Registrations received after May 1 are accepted on a case-by-case basis as space allows. For complete registration information, fees and to register for a program visit uncsa.edu/summersession.

Summer sessions for adult professional development include:

Scenic Design: Storytelling by Design

June 14–16

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore the visual design aspects related to character, setting and mood, and how they can be essential elements in storytelling in theatre and film. No experience is necessary, but some arts background is helpful. Participants will be working in various mediums, as they develop visual designs related to storytelling. This workshop will be taught by John Coyne, Director of the Set Design Program at UNCSA.

For more information on this course and application deadlines, please visit uncsa.edu/summersession/pdSceDes.htm.

Introduction to Arts Integration for Grades K-5

June 19 – 21

This course uses the arts as a lens for teaching and explores how to incorporate arts integration, 21st Century Skills, and experiential learning in the elementary school classroom. Join us for useful and fun ideas on how to meet the Senate Bill 724 mandate that all certified elementary teachers in NC must now be prepared to integrate the arts across the curriculum. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about and experience arts integration through activities that connect to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for grades K-5.  Time to create lesson plans with support from faculty will also be included.  This course will be taught by Rebecca Nussbaum, who is a musician by training, and is also a teaching artist, administrator and artistic producer. Participants will receive CEU credit.

For more information on this course and application deadlines, please visit uncsa.edu/summersession/pdArtsIntegration.htm.

The Creative Classroom

August 9

The Creative Classroom is a one-day workshop for high school teachers focusing on using the arts to engage students in academic subject areas including math, English, science and social studies. Teachers may earn one Continuing Education Unit for completing this workshop. This workshop will be taught by Jill Lane, Dean of the High School Academic Program, who teaches math at UNCSA, and Jonathan Milner, who teaches high school social studies at UNCSA.

For more information on this course and application deadlines, please visit uncsa.edu/summersession/pdCreativeClassroom.htm

Stage Combat

June 30 to July 20

UNCSA and the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) have teamed up to present the premiere national program for learning an acting essential—stage combat. Taught by select SAFD members, this action-packed summer intensive includes training in the basic armed and unarmed fight disciplines. 

Introduction to Stage Combat

With specific sections geared to both high school students and college students, this workshop covers the eight basic disciplines recognized by the SAFD: unarmed/hand-to- hand, rapier and dagger, knife, single sword/swashbuckling, broadsword, sword and shield, small sword and quarterstaff. The emphasis is on development of technique rather than performance, with a focus on accuracy and safety. Students will achieve personal understanding and command of their bodies as they relate to theatrical physical conflict.

Basic Actor Combatant Skills Proficiency

This intensive course prepares students for the SAFD Actor Combatant Skills Proficiency Test in unarmed, rapier & dagger, and broadsword. Students spend more than 30 hours learning to safely perform fight choreography in each of the three disciplines, with additional classes in other weapon styles. Partnering skills, character objectives, and beat work within fight scenes are also explored, coached and rehearsed. The course concludes with a presentation of fight scenes for adjudication by SAFD Fight Masters. The skills taught in this course are valuable to acting teachers as well as actors.

Advanced Actor Combatant Skills Proficiency

This specialized course to train actor fighters goes beyond the techniques required for the Skills Proficiency Test and focuses on the dramatic application of stage combat. With limited enrollment, the course is open to actor/combatants who are well versed in weapon styles used in film, television and live theatre, and offers actors the opportunity to hone their skills at a highly sophisticated level using advanced techniques. Students may renew their SAFD certification in specific disciplines and may test in additional weapon styles. 

For more information on this course and application deadlines, please visit


Alexander Technique Workshop

July 22-27

A five-day residential workshop by the Alexander Technique Workshops International. The Alexander Technique workshop offers a clear look into the principles of human movement that will guide participants to a dynamic, kinesthetic lightness. Thinking will become clearer, feelings balanced, sensations livelier, and movement more pleasurable. Participants will find that everything they do will become easier and more balanced.

For more information on this course and application deadlines, please visit uncsa.edu/summersession/pdAlexanderTechnique.htm.


As America’s first state-supported arts school, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts is a unique stand-alone public university of arts conservatories. With a high school component, UNCSA is a degree-granting institution that trains young people of talent in music, dance, drama, filmmaking, and design and production. Established by the N.C. General Assembly in 1963, the School of the Arts opened in Winston-Salem (“The City of Arts and Innovation”) in 1965 and became part of the University of North Carolina system in 1972. For more information, visit uncsa.edu.


The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts incubates projects that sustain artists at every point in their creative development through strategic partnerships that capitalize on visionary thinking in the arts.  For more information, visit uncsa.edu/kenan.

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